Fleeing Fairy


Fleeing Fairy

Daily Photo #18



  • maggiescamera

    That is an amazing picture. I love it.

  • Doesn’t this look like she is fleeing with her yellow sash and purple skirt fluttering underneath her wings?

    I know, I know–no fairies. But, I still check once in awhile and this time maybe I caught one.

  • That’s a beautiful photo. It must have been very still, no wind.

  • Thank you, it was pretty still but there was just a breath which made it so I couldn’t quite get rid of the slight tremble.

  • Kym, A beautiful photo. I do love iris and i have various scented ones. They are sublime and quite different. Just now coming into bloom and it looks like a really good iris year. Spring always seems to fly past and I noticed today that my apple trees are finished blooming. It makes me a little sad but then I think of fall and the harvest. Cheers me right up.

  • Ben, In May I am always aware of the racing of the season. I start hoping I don’t see a Fare-well-to-Spring. Once I do, I know the most beautiful month of the year is almost gone.

    I especially love Dutch Iris but I’ve never really enjoyed scented Iris. I’ll have to check them out again.

  • Yes, I think you did catch a fairy in flight!

  • Sweet little thing isn’t she.

    BTW, I find it deeply troubling that this mature, deeply thought out piece is linked ( ie Possibly related posts above) to a teenager’s writings about Orlando Bloom and Fairies as well as someone’s obsession with fancy high heel shoes.

    I think the bot finds me frivolous.

  • maggiescamera

    actually it kinda does.

  • Maggie, I know you have a site. Somehow I got there once but you need to hook your name to your site’s url so everyone can follow your name to your site. Another Writer’s Space has a nice how to here.

  • The second biggest draw to my site is people following my witty, insightful, inspiring comments back to here.

  • Very Georgia O’Keeffe.

    So what’s the biggest draw?

  • My incredibly sexy visage.

  • I thought maybe you had some porn posts that I was missing.


  • There has been mass outcries for swimsuit photos but I refuse to bow to pressure.

  • Well, I think I agree with the mass outcries. A blog is pretty public and I don’t think you should post pictures of yourself without your swimsuit here. At least set up a pay site and make a few bucks.

    But hey, it’s your blog after all. “It’s your thing. Do what you want to do.”

  • Thanks so much for the link. I finally have my link connected to my name.

  • Maggie, yes! and I found your site at last.

    Lou, I have modest needs and no desire for the fabulous riches that would ensue.

  • Well, I look forward to the pics of you without your swimsuit here then.

    It’s good that you’re not too hung up on wealth. Kudos.

  • All pictures of me are sans swimsuit. Why bother wearing miniscule scraps of clothing when there are so many large swaths of beautiful fabrics to display.

  • I’m suing!!! Someone took my photo and Photo shopped a ridiculous blonde’s face onto my body. See, that is why I don’t dare have these kind of photos out there–it drives people into behaving soooo badly.

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