Shades of Fog

morning fog

Shades of Gray and Silver

Daily photo #16

Trees like scalloped Spanish combs slide twigs into the fog.



  • Tricky lighting the whole image when you have such a bright sky, but fog and rain make wonderful lighting conditions, placing the attention on tones and shapes.

  • Gorgeous. I’m so jealous…..

  • The sun coming through the clouds made the scene both beautiful and hard to photograph.

  • Kym, here is some theme music to go with you foggy mountain. By another artistic redhead. That is when her hair isn’t purple, green , yellow or blue. “Whiter Shade of Pale”

  • Embedding has been disabled on that video. But I do like her music. I’m having bandwidth issues again so I can’t watch this one for at least one more day. I’m sure I’ll like it though.

    I’ve only heard pieces here and there but she has a wonderful voice.

  • I’m just barely getting a handle on how to run blogspot. Worldpress just has to many unusual features for me to fathom.

    But if you just ignore all the ballons that pop out at you and click on the red line that starts with http//: it will start playing the song automatically. (Don’t click the arrow on Annie’s face)


  • Try this link to see if I’m getting better. It is a link to a little information on “Lighter Shade of Pale”. Pay attention to the “side notes’ on the left side of the web page.

    You photo’s timeless, and eerily beautiful scene reminded me of some of the old paintings done in Milton and Shakespeare’s day.

  • Ernie, I can hear the song (although I have bandwidth issues, my service provider not wordpress, and will have to wait until tomorrow to hear the whole thing.) but what I can see and hear is beautiful.

    The second link you sent me went into my spam box though. I’m not sure why but I scavenged you out and, hopefully, it won’t happen again. but the link isn’t working.

    Thanks for the compliment on my photo even if the sky is overexposed I still like it, too.

  • Actually, the photo is perfect.

    Sorry for my lack of technical expertise.

  • I’ve discovered the same problem with photographing something you love as with writing about it. You can’t see your work objectively. The love you have blurs out the flaws in your work and it is hard to see where you have failed to convey the beauty/truth.

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