Sleek, black cat in country

Lord of All She Surveys

Daily Photo #15

Anyone have any captions that we could use to stage a coup on LOL Cats using this photo?



  • That is a very earnest look. My black cat, Phoebe, always looks goofy.

  • I went for a walk today and my black dog joined as usual. Occasionally, the cat deigns to join us. Today we were graced with her presence. She never really interacted but just paced along pausing to allow the court photographer a few moments here and there.

  • And a beautiful place to walk it is. I’m envious. Also envious that your cat behaves when outdoors; any one of mine would be off like a shot. Bad kitties!

  • Mine is a country cat. In the winter, Sleeker likes to lounge on the computer modem (toasty warm) but, in the summer, she often wanders off for most of the day and some of the night. We keep her cat dish full but some days she doesn’t touch it. When we had her spade, the vet wasn’t too sure about doing it. He, only half jokingly, said that she should be bred because she had the partial remains of at least 21 mice in her tummy (we weren’t able to keep her from eating without totally confining her).

  • Kym-
    A friend of mine told me today that he needs to sell his Canon Digital Rebel XTi (the 10 MP one, as opposed to the 8.1 MP XT that I have). With the stock macro lens (15-55 mm), he’s offering for $600. Thought I’d let you know. He’ll I’d think about selling mine for $600 just to upgrade to his, but that seems a little silly. 🙂

    If you’re interested (or anyone else is), his name is Harold, and can be found at


  • How about, “I iz da queen of ur world” or how about, “Just when u thot it wuz safe ta go back inta da woodz.” I love LOL cats!

  • Monica,
    I’m pretty interested but I don’t know enough about cameras to know if its what I need. I want to improve 3 areas–#1 ability to take photos of wildlife (so that means great telephoto cause I’m not the stealthy type), #2 ability to take photos of moving creatures (lots of fluttering birds around here), and #3 ability to take night pictures–especially of the moon.

    Will that camera do that? Where would I look to find out?

    Sandi, do you have an opinion?

    I don’t dare go to LOL cats most days because I’d never get off the computer (But boy would I smile all day!)

    I like the ‘afe ta go back inta da woodz.” But maybe that’s because I know how fierce she is.

  • Now maybe if you had Malachi turn the hose on her like he did Touch, you would get a photo that would be very easy to caption! That is if you have a fast enough camera to catch that cat high-tailing it under a rock somewhere.

    Sleeker is a very beautiful cat. Looks like Shawna’s cat Samantha.

  • Gorgeous cat.
    How about–“Cougars my ass. Watch out for ME!”

  • Hi Kim,

    I would almost recommend a good macro lens for the fluttery bird shots – just because it can really pick up the intimate details – but it migt be a challenge getting close enough. We have a pesky hummingbird that I’ve been feeding who won’t oblige me with a shot!

    I personally own a Canon Rebel Xti and I primarily use my 50 X 1.8mm lens (for nice, crisp, close shots – cheap lens less than $80) and my 75 X 300 mm telephoto lens (given to me free by my lovely garage sailing neighbor!). I love my Rebel as it was my first “big girl” camera and there is so much you can do with the settings – which will be important especially with night time photos where you need to let a lot of light into the lens but keep the camera steady. A good tripod and a telephoto lens should do the trick as long as you have the settings right, which you can find here: This is a great tutorial on the type of camera you’re considering.

    I’d keep my eyes open about the Rebel. I just saw that Swanlunds is now selling the updated Rebel Xti. It’s actually 12 megapixels and they had it for around $800, if I recall right. You also might check Craig’s List for someone getting rid of their old Rebel in order to buy this one. You can typically buy a new Rebel Xti with the kits lens for about $650.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Kim,

    I just wrote a huge post and the darn Internetz ate it (giving my props to LOL cats!). I own a Canon Rebel Xti and primarily use my 50 X 1.8 mm and 75 X 300 mm lenses. The “nifty fifty” was less than $100 and takes great, close-up shots. The 75 is a telephoto and I love it – most of my current shots are with that lens. I received this lens free from my awesome garage sailing neighbor. You can buy a new Canon Rebel Xti for around $650, new with a kits lens (I don’t really care for the kits lens but it’s a great starting point). I saw that the updated Canon Rebel has just come out (12 megapixels – wow!) and that Swanlunds is selling it for $799 – no lens. You might be able to buy someone’s old one for a steal. Craig’s List can be awesome :o).

    I think that you’d best be served by a telephoto lens and a good, steady tripod. For night time shots, you’ll need to let as much light into the lens as possible. I’ll try out my 75 tonight if the weather’s allowing and see how things go. My curiosity has been perked after reading the tutorials! Here’s a great tutorial on the settings since I usually practice, practice, practice without any rythme or reason- until I get the shot I want!

    Good luck!


  • I think I’d be partial to the 100-400mm f/4L USM IS lens from Canon, but would really recommend the 400mm f/2.8L USM IS lens. But that is some very, very serious dollars. But the f/2.8 would be very helpful under less than ideal lighting condition, which it seems you may have where you live.

    Even the f/4.0 100-400mm would be handy is much more affordable.

  • “ankelz”

    “spellz prey”

  • Agggh, the camera stuff is overwhelming! But I can’t stand not being able to take photos of all the creatures around here.


    “comez herez, my littez chickadeez”

  • “i seez the cheezeberger”

  • Cool photo. I’m a little biased because that looks like my cat’s body double.

  • Another cat fan!!

    And Max,

    I iz sooo not singing the Sound of Music.

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