Sun Rising On A Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart

Joy After Sorrow

Bleeding Hearts frill my yard.  Uniquely shaped and Native to our area, they feel deliciously feminine and lush with sensuality. I have been trying for weeks to capture their beauty finally I just settled for this photo after a half an hour trying to capture the newly rising sun gleaming off their curves.

Daily Photo #9

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I love this photo Kym.
    I have Bleeding Heart all over my place. It is one of my favorite natives.

  • One of my favorite flowers. This is an amazing color, so calming.

    I think you got a good shot of it.

  • This is probably my fav photo so far, in your new daily series :-). I haven’t seen a Bleeding Heart in forever – I really forgot how pretty they were.

  • That’s one sexually-charged lookin’ flower! Looks masculine and feminine together to me, which further enhances its suggestive impact. Excellent photo, Kym.

    By the way, I’m back to posting on my site again, so come on over. I used to see you comment in no less than 4 hours after I’d post. It’s tragic that my sabattical has meant the loss of regular viewing by my first and most frequent visitor. Come on back!

  • Thank you, now that I haven’t been staring for 30 minutes at the gorgeous real thing, the photo looks okay. This morning I was depressed that none of the 90 (Yes, 90!) shots I took seemed to do the flowers justice.

    Chris, I was so excited that you’re posting again I went to your blog and commented (I love your analysis of episode 4 of BSG) before I even replied here.

    :Happy dance:

  • I’m glad Chris saw it too. I thought maybe I just had a dirty mind. Don’t say anything to that. LOL.
    Love this picture, Kym. Just gorgeous.

  • Thanks, Jen. i won’t say anything about your notoriously dirty mind.

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