Loving the Rain

Daisy in the rain

Unfolding in the Rain

Daily Photo #8



  • When I came to work this morning, I drove past all the poppy fields on Benbow hill, just under the beautiful fields of blue lupine.

    As is my habit, much like some people always look for a four-leaf clover, I was looking for the rare white poppy. I came around the corner, and there was not a poppy in sight, they had rolled their blossoms into tight little bundles, and had their faces hid, shivering from the cold spring rain. If I had not known where to look, I could not have told it was a poppy field.

    I have often wondered why a poppy is so bashful. Why do they close when it is cool? Other flowers don’t . There is no reason that I see that they should close up. I think they like to tease.

  • I love flowers. Love them.

    When I was a kid I would take any flower with petals like this and ask a question. I was always plucking petals for answers.

  • I’m so jealous! Two sick kiddos are inhibiting the photographer in me that wants to get out there in the rain. Oh well, hopefully Hubby will get home before the daylight leaves :o).

  • My California poppies were all closed up but my Oriental poppies hadn’t and were a ragged mess. I suspect that our local version has adapted to the massive amounts of rain in the area by closing up to protect their petals.

    Though I think the ones in the desert do the same.

    I hope this poor Shasta Daisy survives my kid. Hopefully, he won’t have heard of that barbaric torture (And you say you love flowers!)

    And it is a shame to be stuck inside when the first rains hit again. It is beautiful now. If it keeps raining, I know I’ll change my tune but for now I’m loving the rain.

  • I like this photo. I like simple. Isn’t there a famous sermon where the buddah or somebody just held up a flower and that was it.

  • I’ve never heard of it but, it seems to me, that sometimes holding up a flower would be better than the strongest speech.

  • beautiful. 🙂

    my blog went private. can you send me your email address so I can add you to the invite list please?

  • Sheer, simple beauty. And such detail.

  • Beauty upon beauty, every day at your blog. I was out at Point Cabrillo today, with the gusty wind and rain, and the beacon light doing its job. It will be hot soon enough.

  • The freshness of the rain is exhilarating right now. Everything looks so rich and green and the light is great for photographing!

  • I’m a reformed flower torturer.

  • I don’t know. Could Hannibal ever be said to be reformed? Would you trust him? I’ll bet your flowers shrink from you.

  • Archie posted the origin of Headwrapper’s “Flower Sermon” on his blog

  • That’s so funny…..as soon as I saw this image a smile just automatically crept across my face.

  • I’ll bet you were thinking of plucking the petals, too. Yikes!

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