Out Old Glass

out the old cabin's window

Spring Through Old Glass

Out old twisted glass, the world appears softer but still brilliantly green.

This is the actual color–no saturation. Spring greens now are so vibrant they vibrate!

Day 2 of Photo A Day



  • Kym, you high alpine meadows are making me homesick for my childhood days.

    Just so you know, I always take the time to look at your blog, but I don’t always have the time to comment. So if it seems like I’ve dissapeared, it ain’t neccessarily so…

  • Well, it’s either you or somebody else who comes by from your blog 8) I can see your blogsite as a referrer on my stat page of my blog.

    I wish all the tiny wildflowers would show up in the photos I take. They are so beautiful right now.

  • Um… Did anyone else see all the snow on the mountain tops this morning? It not, never mind.

  • Oh that’s so beautiful. On that book trailer I made for Kim Richey’s “Something To Say”, I had a picture of some Oak trees up off Highway 36 by Dinsmore. This pic is so much better.

  • There wasn’t any snow here this morning but it did snow last night when I was coming home around 9:30.

    (Jen, I googled and found the youtube–here I enjoyed her music, your oaks but especially the pics of your boys.)

  • Looks as if you took this photo out of a carriage windown.
    Or maybe a passenger car on a train.

    What is the old glass?

  • There is an old cabin on our property with slightly warped glass. I like the way the frame twists so that the whole photograph looks tilted inwards.

  • And you tried to convince me it wasn’t talent. Me thinks you protest to much.

    Lovely shot.

  • Thanks Scott. I hope it makes you even more eager to come home.

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