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Moody morning sunrise

Moody Morning

This morning the East was lush with promised rain but overhead the sky is clear and beckons the sun in. With Ernie’s encouragement, I’ve been trying to get a picture of the sunrise up every day with mixed results.

I’ve been inspired by a man in Fort Bragg. One of the first blogs on my blogroll was Blabberon. Nearly every day, he takes a walk and documents the town and the surrounding area with photos. I love the coastal beauty there and enjoy his neighborly chats about the place he lives in. I try to pop in every morning and see what views he’s captured.

This morning, another blogger from Mendocino, Willits Daily Photo, introduced me to the concept of One Photo a Day. Here is the story:

The Daily Photo collection of blogs began in March of 2005 when a man in love with his city wanted to share it with the rest of the world. The Paris – One Photo A Day blog was thus launched by Eric Tenin, an amateur photographer, and soon became an unexpected phenomenon.

Rapidly, this hobby began attracting thousands of readers from the world over . . .

Shortly after the quick success, the blog name was changed to “Paris Daily Photo” (easier to remember!) and became so popular, that suddenly others started writing to Eric asking how they could start a similar blog for their own city. Very quickly, cities such as London and New York followed forming the initial group of city daily photo bloggers.

Elaine Hamby, wrote me this morning about her Willits blog and her attempt to document that town with a Daily Photo. I love the idea. I’ll be following her work as well as Blabberon’s and I think I’ll try the same for Southern Humboldt.



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