Photo in Lavendar and Pink

lavendar closeup

Lavender Lady

Like a lacy butterfly trembling on a tiny plum, each Spanish lavender blossom seems ready to separate into two fragments with the lightest breeze.

Unlike it’s sweet but simple English cousin, Lavandula stoechas isn’t useful for most herbal remedies. Instead, we keep it to only to brighten our days.

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  • Beautiful! I love different purple/lavender shades. If you have Photoshop, try doing an Orton Effect on it, just for kicks. I posted a new blog with some links you might be interested in :o).

  • I don’t have photoshop–yet! although, your wonderful post about photography had me almost ready to do it. But I got the book and signed up to the first website. I’ll let that all sink in and see if my photos get better.

    Thank you!

  • I almost forgot to mention a FREE program called GIMP. I think it’s It’s actually very simliar to the PSE I have so you can probably get many of the same effects. I warn you, photo editing gets very addicting ;o).

  • Thank you again.

    I looked at it but I’m hesitant to commit to a download (could we just live together for awhile and see if we have more than just attraction 8) ) I think I’ll work with the book and the site for now. But I’ve got the info so I’ll go to it when I’m ready to get serious.

  • That is just beautiful.

    If you get a free Flickr account, they have some free editing software on their site for the photos you’ve uploaded.

    I’m not too much of a fan of photo editing, however. I like the raw stuff. The lucky shots.

  • I’ve been using photobucket for resizing, cropping, and adding borders and occasionally saturating—I’m usually sorry when I saturate the colors.

    I cropped and just put a frame on this one but the one below (the Swallowtail) I did saturate a little. When I go back, I can see the saturation in the grass. I like how the saturation worked on the butterfly but the grass looks disappointingly fake.

  • I love purple flowers. Not sure which I like best…purple or yellow…or pink…or …….aw gee, I just love flowers period!

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