Portrait of a Redheaded Man



The world considers redheaded kids cute in a mischievous way–think Tom Sawyer.  They know redheaded women are sexy.  But redheaded men tend to get short shift.

Recently, I was reading a post that referred to the National Geographic article about the possibility of redheads dying out and I thought how pale the world would be without redheaded men.

So here are some of my favorite Male Redheads:

Alexander the Great: Taming horses is sexy, and tough and, oh yeah, this guy conquered the known world in his time. How’s that for hot.

Napoleon: Passionate horse rider and oh yeah again, Nearly conquered most of Europe.

Fred and George Weasley: Passionate broom stick riders, wild prank players, brave fighters of evil, and they have sexy smiles.

Yosemite Sam: Passionate about everything, especially rabbits.

Robert Redford: some say he’s blond but he’s a sexy strawberry blonde.

Of course, all 3 of my sons are my true favorite redheaded males.

Quinn and Malachi

Quinn and Malachi



  • A world without redheads would be truly post-apocalyptic.

  • Ha! I’m sure he will forgive you.

  • Yah, I forgot Ron Howard, too!

  • Robert Redford is one of my favorites! What handsome sons you are raising, Kym!

  • Other mothers corner people in supermarkets with photos of their children. I lurk on the internet pretending to be putting out a paragraph or two praising redheaded men but really showing off my sons.

    I can’t help myself.

  • Where are the vikings? They had some kick ass red headed men — though red headed men have a disturbing tendency to travel around pummeling and conquering people.

  • Eric the Red–who could forget him?

    I just chanced upon this cnn story.

    Princeton English professor Anne Daniel’s book, “Redheads,” shows that male redheads throughout literary history have been portrayed as powerful and untrustworthy and the red-haired female as devilish and seductive.

    While political movements in Ireland and Scotland strive to gain political protection for redheads against discrimination, Daniel finds that in America today redheads mostly enjoy a positive aesthetic status, particularly females.

    “In the case of redheads, a stereotype that began negatively has been turned into something very different, and empowering for red-haired women, ” she said.

  • Men love red headed women.

  • Mostly I love that. I do have a few horrifying experiences including one where a very strange older man informed me pleasantly that freckles are where angels kiss. . .

    Then with a leer and almost a lunge he added, “I’d like to lay my lips on every one of yours.”

    I’m still traumatized–not quite PTSD but we’re talking actual shudders even 10 years later.

  • Your boys are very handsome.

    I don’t have any sons, but i have a beautiful red-headed, blue-eyed teenage daughter named Bree. She is the only kid in our extended family that does not have brown hair and brown eyes.

    People have come up to me since she was a few months old to comment on her beautiful hair.

    Less than 4% of the world population is born with red hair, so we know they’re special. 🙂

  • I love my three sons but a tiny hole is left in my life by not having a daughter. You are blessed (although, my friends with daughters claim they are harder than boys 🙂 )

  • I think you’re right; my sisters have sons, and it seems they had an easier time with them than with their daughters. I think boys in general are more laid-back than girls.

    Still, I love my daughter dearly, and we are very close.

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