Another Humboldt Blog JOSTLES for Notice

Step over the fence and welcome to the Blogosphere.

Justice through Jostle, a new Humboldt blog, began only a few days ago.  With gentle passion, the anonymous author writes on a variety of news with a emphasis on social justice.

He/she seems to think they’ll soon be outed.  The author give several clues to his/her identity including one that they live next to somebody with a dog named Jostle.




  • Gorgeous pic! I love the contrast in textures and colors.

  • Thanks, Sandi. You should the real spot it is gorgeous and I can’t capture the look.

  • Dang, I came over here to see what the morning looked like above the fog.

    Is that bear onion under the oak limb? I can never resist picking a leaf and tearing it in two gentlely, and see how many segments I can get to stick together. I know most people are saying wwwhhhaaaat….? But, all the country people know what i’m talking about.

  • OMG, I’m so ashamed. I have to turn in my country woman creds. . . I don’t know what bear onion is. Help?

    The morning is gorgeous but I got caught up in a hot shower right as the sun was rising and failed to get a pic.

  • You probably know it as Indian Soap Root. Same thing. Did you get your cred back?

  • Whew! I’m still country. Yes, we have Indian soap root everywhere up here. I love the fairy blossoms.

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