Frog in the Sun

frog with lilly pad

Hot Tubbing

at the Bachelor Pad



  • Would that be Lily’s Pad?

  • She may be chunky and covered with bumps but, boy, her joint is hopping 8)

  • How did you get that great shot!? Patience?

  • You know hanging out with frogs in spring makes you preggers right?

  • there’s going to be a whole lot of new frogs soon.

    Looks like your comments are no longer going into my spam folder, btw.

  • Rose, I have this little pond that the frogs love right outside my back door. Now that it is getting warm, the critters love hanging out waiting to have their picture taken. So again–no virtue on my part other than building the pond in the first place.

    If I get pregnant, Max, it will be because you cursed me and I’m giving it to you.

    Kitty, you should see the frog eggs. I’m hoping soon to get a shot of them without disturbing them too much. And, I am so glad to be real again.

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