Frog Hug

two frogs

Love Ain’t Always Pretty

Frogs from the little pond outside the window croak a husky counterpart to the songbirds and the wind even when the nights are pretty cold.

I’m thinking this photo deserves a better caption than what I gave it. Any suggestions?



  • “The art of love…is largely the art of persistence.”
    Albert Ellis

  • I think your caption is exactly right. Unless you want to say “Froggy Went A-Courtin'”!

  • You know that old joke, what’s the difference between a salad and a blow job?

    Um, Kym, that is not a “hug.”

  • Not a Hug? Is it WTF wrestling then?

    I like Froggy went a courtin’ I think we should add the next part “he did ride.”

    Bookbabie, they were really persistent. I got like 10 shots before they finally sighed and swam away with the top frog still clinging on resignedly.

  • “Love is blind.” Sounds dumb but it’s actually kinda profound.

  • Max wrote, “You know that old joke, what’s the difference between a salad and a blow job?”.

    No I don’t. What is the difference between a salad and a blow job?

  • Mom, cover your eyes.

    Fred, The boss asks his secretary, “Do you the difference between a salad and a blow job?’

    “No,” she answers.

    “Then let’s do lunch.”

    Moving right along. . .

    Ben, maybe I could call it “Love is twice blind?” 8)

  • How about “Who’s cold blooded now?” Great picture, Kym.

  • Kym

    I have to say that I love your blog! It’s like a nice walk on a spring day. You talk about all of the things I like, and take the most amazing photos of them all.

    I’ve mentioned before that we lived on a ranch as a child, (several thousand times) and we had several vernal ponds, the kind that frogs like. I used try to stay awake at night, just to listen to the frogs sing. I would invariably fall asleep and wake up the next morning with the feeling that I had missed something special.

    Great blog, I missed it while I was gone. I came back with the feeling that I missed something special! I was right!

    Now, all I have to do is catch up.

  • Jen, She’s probably thinking, “I know he said that if I kiss him, he’ll turn into a prince and so I figured why not go for a King.”

    Ernie, YOU”RE BACK!!! I missed you. I hope the cruise was wonderful

    If you catch up on my blog, you’ll see that I had some problem with my comments getting eaten. I left a comment on your blog that disappeared. I don’t think it was anything witty, though I can’t remember.

  • ““Then let’s do lunch.”.

    Ok. Funny. Never heard it before. I need to socialize more.

  • (actually, I hadn’t either. I googled it 8) but don’t let Max know. I want her to think I’m terribly sophisticated instead of the country woman I really am.)

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