Could The Prince Please Kiss Me? A WordPress Problem

Being spam, is an ugly lot in life. No one listens. No one cares. In fact, people you reach towards with pleading hands try to destroy you.

I know this because for some reason, WordPress has decided I am Spam. I haven’t been able to post comments on most but, not all blogs (Jen still loves me). And, as is often the case with those suddenly discriminated against, I begin to feel empathy for those cast out ads for Viagra and Online Poker. According to Raincoaster, my comments are now stuffed in the Akismet closet under the heavy buttocks of WEIGHTLOSS FAST and atop the bony wallet of GET RICH EVEN FASTER.

If you have a yearning to be the handsome prince in this story, please check your spam and kiss my sweet comments with the de-spamming button. Maybe I will awaken free to post again.

But probably not, Rain thinks the WordPress Fairy must not have gotten invited to the christening of my blog and has placed a curse on me . I’m still reading even if my tongue has been cut out.


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  • Oddly, I can comment on my own post.

  • I blame Max…her Jayne jealously knows no bounds.

  • Kym, I just dug a comment of yours out of my spam folder. Found one earlier this week also.
    There has to be something you can do about this.

  • Odd… never had one of yours end up in the spam filter that I know of.

  • From the beginning I check my spam filter every so often, Cap, because one of yours showed up there in the first month or so. I’ve only had a few more ever do that. In general, Akismet is awesome.

    I hope WordPress figures out the problem. My mom is having it, too.

  • You know, I figure you MUST have commented. LOL. So I check. It’s been inconsistently going to the spam thingy, but I go and look for it.
    Then, sometimes, it doesn’t.
    Very weird.

  • Sorry about your comments going into spam files. I have no idea how it is decided upon that some comments are spam and others are not. But I hope WordPress figures it out for you!

  • Do you think that our provider is the problem?

  • There’s something wrong with Akismet if it allows you to comment on your own blog but not on others’. Do as I suggested and contact staff, because as you can see from the thread you’re not the only one with this issue.

    In the meantime, it’s worth doing a spam search for username for anyone you haven’t seen recently. You could even put up a comment form page for complaints about missing comments, if you wanted to go that far. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon. I’ve been spammed myself, and frankly I went over to Blogger and commented there until it was fixed back here.

  • I just sent Akismet a query about this. (Mom, I told them about you, too) Hopefully, they can fix this soon. By tomorrow, I’ll be spitting nails.

  • ok, I despammed you Kym, or is it kissed?

  • Well, I prefer kiss 8)

    Something about being despammed makes me feel like burly guards are shaving my head and throwing me into some sort of chemical showers to rid me of small cans of processed pork product.

  • Hey! It was not me. Jeez.

  • I would never blame you but Dan has an evil desire to cause problems between us. He really loves a cat fight.

    You need to smack him around. (And he really likes it when you do 8) )

  • I just don’t think me wife will like the kiss, except to her. +)

  • I found you in my spam file – and I think I will be back again – those photos are exquisite!

    Eventually akismet gives up 🙂

  • You have been set free from my spam folder, dear Kym.

    Is this the blogging equivalent of code enforcement?

  • Cap, Tell her its not a smoochie it’s Kym Is Spammed–Save (KISS)

    I’m glad you found me Archie. It was kinda crowded and sweaty in there.

    Yikes, Jennifer do you think the county can tell I read Rose and laugh at the Mirror? ( I knew betraying my politcs would backfire!)

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