Where's Waldo?


Fred asked,

Where in the world am I?

Here is Google Earth‘s view. We are almost due west of Myer’s Flat. East of the King’s Range. Thus technically, I’m only 4 miles from the nearest town but it takes me 35-40 minutes to drive there. The first 4 miles are dirt. Then twisting one lane county road for about 7 more miles before reaching the larger state maintained roads. (Yay, Caltrans! Though I’m not dissing the county guys. They work hard but they haven’t much money to draw on.)

For those of you out of the area, here I am (The yellow tack) on a map of Northern California.

Can I point out that San Francisco is barely in Northern California? Most locals here think of the Bay Area as central California. [ On such points, Humboldters can fuss for hours 8) ]



  • Are we calling you Waldo now? LOL. And what’s REALLY funny is when you say “The Bay Area” to anyone who doesn’t live in Northern California.
    Turns out there’s a “Bay Area” in lots of places. Who knew?

  • Look for me wearing one of those red and white striped shirts 8)

    Hey, we’re nothing if not insular here in Northern Cal. If we say Bay Area, everybody better know what we mean.

  • Everything is based on perception. To most people, California is just L.A., so San Francisco is “Northern California” to them.

    It’s like when people tell me that they want to go from “Brooklyn to the New York City”…sorry, boys and girls, Brooklyn IS part of New York City. Oh…the anger!!

  • Of course…I meant to say “from ‘Brooklyn to New York City'”.

    I have no idea where that extra “the” came from.

  • Thanks for posting that Kym. Even though I’ve been to your house, I never realized it was due west from Myers Flat (or maybe that should be the Myers Flat, Dan? LOL).

    When I first moved back to Humboldt County (never having lived here as an adult before) people referred to “the City” and I had no idea what they meant. Found out later they meant San Francisco.

  • Cool. Now I have an idea of where you’re talking about when you refer to your house. Thanx.

    As far as the Bay Area, I generally refer to it as Central California. People down there don’t seem to like that.

    And even a fair number of people in California consider Eureka to be near San Francisco. I’ve had any number of people say to me, after I tell them where I live, “That’s up by San Francisco, isn’t it?”.

    Was talking on the phone to a guy in San Diego some years ago. We were discussing a mutual acquaintance. He mentioned she was moving “up to your neck of the woods…”. She was actually moving to the area around San Luis Obispo, waaay down south. That was considered Northern California to him.

  • Yes, I’ve had people say, “I have a friend who is a teacher in Santa Rosa. Do you know her?” As if we are with in 60 miles of each other instead of 200!

  • Don’t you just love Google Earth? After thirty something years, I now know what is up all those roads I have wondered about. Better have DSL or it’s not as much fun.

  • This was the first time I found my place. I just kind of lucked into it. I loved getting a perspective on where we were in relation to others.

  • Well, to people in San Francisco (I’m not one of them), there is nothing of consequence north of The City anyways, so San Francisco IS Northern California…Q.E.D. Sorry Humboldt…

  • Well, city folk like that ain’t hardly human anyway 8)

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