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I consider myself a feminist and in certain crowds (namely at home amongst the 4 male beings that share my house) I am considered a radical feminist. However, I fail to understand why some women get angry when a man opens the door for them.

Heck, I respect and value men, children, women, and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, I open the door for anybody who needs my assistance. And if someone holds the door open for me, I say “thank you” and walk on through. And if one of them did it with the ulterior motive of thinking I’m cute and he’d like to get to know me, I’m a grown woman quite capable of taking the flattery and not ending up in his bed.

I consider myself a feminist but there’s no need for disrespecting half the human race. Opening a door for somebody is just a kindness that we all ought to do for each other (not as a particular honor to sex or age or beauty) but just a simple human kindness that I’d do for my dog…

Somehow I seem to have ended up equating women and dogs…



  • Woof.

    Say, where are the quizzes?


  • No wondered you scampered, Max. You know I do not like taking quizzes let alone posting them. When some…thing (!) insists I must SUBMIT in order to get results, I suspect it, a mere machine knows my true nature—a bottom. I try to hide this by being a martial artist and a teacher but, my word, any two bit quiz takes one look at my answers to its silly questions and starts yelling, “SUBMIT.” Besides, I can’t see some of my readers taking the “What Corset are you Quiz?” and anyway the last quiz I took on your blog actually called me a weirdo. I’m insecure enough as it is without having my computer sneer at me.

  • Personally I kind of like it when… never mind. [wink]

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