Buckeye Fire by Petrolia

There is a 700 acre fire out by Petrolia. I’m a little confused. On the same Calfire  site, it says both that “No structure threat or evacuations” and “50 structures threatened near Conklin Creek and Rainbow Ridge– 1 destroyed, evacuations in progress.” UPDATE: I talked to Terri  Klemetson at KMUD. That blog linked above  is not an official Calfire site

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Legalizing Marijuana: Its not Black and White in Humboldt

Humboldt Bay in Black and White Frequent Photo Few things in Humboldt are Black and White. Many are involved in the marijuana business here in Humboldt but how many are for Legalization which could come at great economic cost? Orange County Register (notable for its conservative albeit liberatarian leanings) just did a poll which showed an overwhelming 83%  favor legalization.

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Humboldt Job Applicant

Sign of the Times By Kim Sallaway Got jobs? He may not have every qualification for working with marijuana (discretion, for one, is apparently missing) but he spelled all the words on the sign right. ========================================================= Kim (a professional photographer who captures some amazing images) sent me this photo right after I posted the Manicurists coming to Humboldt photo.  I

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