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Jaws of Life Was Needed for Person Pinned in Vehicle out Wilder Ridge Road

One person was pinned in the vehicle when the first emergency personnel arrived on the scene about 6:55 p.m.

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Stop Complaining About Problems, Start Doing Something: Redwoods Rural Health Center Seeks New Board Members

“If you feel strongly about steering the future of healthcare in our community, please consider joining the Redwoods Rural Health Center Board of Directors”

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SoHum Friends Moved to Santa Rosa; Can You Help Get in Touch With Them After the Fire? Asks Reader

Do you know these folks?

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Busy Business Owner Loses Money Bag, But, Then, the Call Goes Out to His Neighbors….

“I figured that Miranda is a good town and I’d test my luck sending out a call for help…on Facebook.”

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Leo Durr: ‘His talents and concerns were as many as his friends’

“His talents and concerns were as many as his friends.”

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Mending the Mateel–An Opinion

When the counterculture — the barefoot, longhaired back-to-the-landers — poured into the hills and valleys of the Mattole and the Eel River watersheds in the 1970s, they needed a gathering place

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“Eh?…I can’t hear you”

Have you got an animal photo that is begging for a caption?

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Celebrating 10 Great Years Putting News at Your Fingertips

For ten years, we’ve been making sure that you know who is making news, what roads are closed, where fires are burning,  and we do this when you need to know the information–as quickly as we can get it out to you.

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Making Headway Against Head Injuries: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Passes Out Bike Helmets to Southern Humboldt Kids

On Tuesday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office gave away over 50 bike helmets to the kids at Redway Elementary School with the support of the Making Headway Center.

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My Turn: A Board Member at the Southern Humboldt Community Park Wants to Point Out a Few Facts About His Position

“I am trying to understand what I supposedly get out of being on this board. Is it prestige, power, money?”

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