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Suspected Murderer Zach Harrison Still on the Loose; Netflix Film Crew in the Area Trying to Capture the Incident

Today, Zach Harrison is still on the loose and believed to be in the Alderpoint area after barely evading law enforcement on a two-day chase involving a helicopter, a plane, jet skis, a boat, ATVs and more.

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[UPDATE 6:19 p.m.] Zach Harrison, Murder Suspect, Jumped in Eel River; Helicopter and Plane Brought in to Search

“He is either naked or wearing shorts and a tank top,” explained Lt. Mike Fridley

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Garberville Sanitary District Working to Replace Chlorine Contact Chamber Before Summer Water Demand Hits Hard

“[W]e can only operate at one third of the gpm our treatment plant is capable of and this is not enough water to meet the summer demands.”

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After Being Spotted in Miranda, Murder Suspect, Zach Harrison Fled Into the Brush off Elk Creek Road; Residents Warned With Reverse 911

“I’m worried that he is out there still,” the lieutenant said. He cautioned residents to be alert. “He should be considered armed and dangerous. If anyone sees him call 911.”

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[UPDATE 7:20 p.m.] 15-Year-Old Male With Head Injury at South Fork High School

Miranda Fire and Garberville Ambulance are responding to South Fork High School’s baseball field at 6:12 p.m. after a 15-year-old male received a head injury from a baseball, according to information shared over the scanner.

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Rash of Car Burglaries Over the Last Week; Benbow, Myrtletown and McKinleyville All Hit

“If others had their vehicles broken into,” Karges said, “we encourage them to make a report so that we can keep track of these types of crimes and hopefully be able to locate/return their stolen items.”

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Darryl Cherney Hopes to Help ‘Save the Mateel, One Debt at a Time,’ Will Present Proposal at Tonight’s Meeting

Well-known local activist and community member Darryl Cherney will formally present a complete $700,000 fundraising strategy to the Mateel Community Center Board of Directors at its meeting tonight.

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Funding Issues May Stall Major Repair on Shelter Cove Road Slipout

“We’re working with Caltrans and Federal Highways to get funding,” he explained. “We almost have it…We have a promise from them.”

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A Reminder: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Still Seeking Suspect in Alderpoint Homicide

 If anyone has seen him, they are asked to call (707) 268-2539.

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17 Lives Remembered: South Fork High School and Junior High Students Hold Silence for the Children and Teachers Killed in Florida Massacre

“This is how we get change,” 14-year-old Nathan Baffert said. “We are the ones who make it happen.”

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