Help Local Screenwriter Get Dream Job

Here’s your chance to support our beautiful little neck of the woods. Former Humboldter, Max Adams (screenwriter for the major motion picture Excess Baggage),  just posted an online job application for a winery writer.  And, we get to vote. Here’s her Really Goode Job Application. Take a look and see how smart, sophisticated and knock dead beautiful Humboldt women can

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Photos Redwood Run Friday 2009 Bikes, Breasts, Beasts, and Beyond

Redwood Run 2009 Frequent Photo A  wave of metal and black leather swept over Humboldt and Mendocino Counties this last weekend.  Converging from across the United States,  motorcyclists came to the North Coast for the 32nd annual Redwood Run.  Pulling off the freeway is like entering a biker playground.  The small country road winds down to the river where an

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Redwood Run 2009–The Quilt

Harley Nights Frequent Photo If you come to the Redwood Run (and you should because it’s full of cheap sparkles), then stop by the Salmon Creek Quilt Booth.  Buy a ticket and introduce yourself. The supportive people (Doug, Carl, Roberto etc.) at the Run have provided free booth space for over 10 years to the school.  We raise between $3500

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