Show your Support for Humboldt Growers–HuGG One Today

Worried about marijuana legalization? How is the changing economic climate going to harm Humboldt, the whole North Coast, and growers in general? A new Humboldt Growers Guild is seeking members.  They want to work with the legalization groups such as the Marijuana Policy Project to create laws supporting small farmers.  They have a new blog. Here is a post from

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High Times Editor Comments on Cannabis Cup and Outdoor Marijuana

Yesterday, High Times announced a Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup will be held this year in San Francisco.  Today, concerns that the June date might be handicapping outdoor growers spread throughout Humboldt.  In an effort to answer these concerns I contacted David Bienenstock the new West Coast editor at High Times. Bienenstock has proved to be exceptionally friendly to outdoor growers

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Dancing with Death

Vultures are strange  scabrous dark birds with dandelion white young. The combination of parent and child seems impossible–ridiculous. In fact, the birds often seem not evil but pathetically ugly and deformed.  Sometimes though they look majestic.  This one bowed as I watched and seemed to dance with an invisible partner. I’ve seen  people almost die.  I’ve spent time with people

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