Over 20 Wineries in Humboldt County?

  To my surprise, Humboldt has over twenty wineries.  They are marked on the map with red circles.  (To read descriptions of each numbered site, go here to a pdf file.) In fact, there is actually a wine association here.  And, they are having a big event at HSU on Saturday, March 19th from  3-5:30″an afternoon of classes, lectures, and

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Ready for Planting?

“Teaching you the future now!” 707 Cannabis College Presents: Soil Preparation and Fertilization With Kevin Jodrey The truth about POOP and other earthy topics! Learn the essentials of soil preparation and feeding your garden for the HEALTHIEST results. Class fee $60. Friday March 4th 6:30p – 9:00p Location – Vets Hall 483 Conger, Garberville Foundation Course Class fee $275 (see

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What About Ethics?

Have you been following the news about the “prank” call to Governor Walker by the editor of the Buffalo Beast, Ian Murphy?  In the call Murphy pretends to be billionaire and conservative activist, David Koch.  Almost without exception, the liberal news sites  condemn the Governor for comments he made during the conversation. Where’s the outrage about Murphy’s incredibly ugly tactic

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