Lukas Nelson–Star Rising

Once in a very long time a performer grabs your heart and shakes your hand.  For you, that artist speaks to your soul.  At the Emerald Cup this Saturday,  Lukas Nelson made me want to dance and holler.  His guitar playing rocked the house.  His athletic performance energized the audience.  At one point he actually jumped in the air repeatedly,

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Board of Supervisors to Discuss Mj Ordinance

  On Tuesday, Mark Lovelace will present a report to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) about the issues surrounding marijuana that eventually the county will need to grapple with.  According to Lovelace, these issues will include “grow houses, dispensaries, outdoor cultivation, testing and labelling, transportation, certification, pesticide and herbicide use, edibles, and many other issues.” Because the marijuana situation in

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Christmas Trees

When so many people’s only connection to nature is to watch it on the Discovery Channel, there is something carnivorous and satisfying about gathering your own Christmas tree–like a lioness dragging her prey back to her young.  You have wrestled wo-mano y wo-mano with Mother Nature, fought through her snowy paths, and emerged carrying the laurel er fir wreath. This

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