Legalization of Marijuana: What Could Happen?

Tom Ammiano’s bill has been modified and I haven’t found the State Board of Equalization’s analysis of it.  However, much of the analysis of his older bill still holds true. Here are some excerpts I found interesting. According to the report titled Marijuana Production in the United States (2006), an estimated 22.3 million pounds of marijuana was grown in the

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SoHumBorn Sunday

In December 2008, a Southern Humboldt blogger began posting fictional tales of the marijuana culture. Some people were appalled. Most were enthralled. For three months her stories gripped the online community and then, abruptly, she was gone. Even though SoHumBorn pulled her blog, for months her stories were available in the cached version but eventually they, too, were swallowed into

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Humboldt's Economy Goes to Pot? Hawaii's Senate Passed Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

States are decriminalizing marijuana in ever increasing numbers.  This last week, Hawaii’s Senate passed a bill (22-3 how do you like that margin?) to eliminate all penalties for the possession of one ounce of pot except the lucrative fine system of $300 for first offense and $500 for anything after that. A combo of three bills increased the amount of

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