Hospice Quilt

Trillium Frequent Photo I’ll be out selling raffle tickets to benefit Heart of the Redwoods Hospice today (Friday the third)  in front of Shop Smart in Redway.  Come by on your way to stock up for the Fourth and help support a Sohum  institution that almost every family will need someday.

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Richardson Grove Realignment–Supporting Small Green Businesses

Redwood Frequent Photo An important reason to support the Richardson Grove realignment is to help our local economy.  Small Green businesses are hurt by the STAA regulations in ways that the large box stores aren’t. An excellent article byErin Tracy in the Times Standard, provided some hard facts on how the alignment would help producers of local products–especially those in

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Magic Balls

Stolen Photo Humboldt Blogosphere meet Nathan Miers. This artist with a magical eye for detail caught my attention last month and I’ve been meaning to introduce him to you. His art has been tickling around in my mind since I first found it. He began working in glass over 7 years ago out of the area.  A few years later,

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