Marijuana Culture on the North Coast: KSLG Interview with Eric Sligh, Sohumborn, and me

Are marijuana growers like the wealthy rabbits in Watership Down whose riches come at the cost of a Farmer’s snare snatching one of them every once in awhile? Two weeks ago, Sohumborn-an anonymous blogger who writes exciting stories centered around the marijuana culture, Eric Sligh-publisher of Humboldt Grow magazine, and I discussed this and other hot button cannabis related issues. 

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Jerry Brown's More Stringent Marijuana Laws Now Being Enforced?

Take note Humboldt County, apparently, Attorney General Jerry Brown’s new policies are being implemented.  In spite of growing within the guidelines posted on the Mendocino County Sheriff’s web site, Laurel Krause was arrested last Friday at her home just outside of Fort Bragg and booked on two felony counts. Krause claims in a letter to have been growing one less

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Saving a Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone Daily Photo With the California budget passing, the California Conservation Corps lives for at least another year.  This wonderful program that provides a stepping stone for many young people will continue to provide the state with much needed services including fire suppression, trail building, litter cleanup, weed eradication but most importantly it will provide young men and women

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