Welcome to Humboldt’s Marijuana Museum.  Although Humboldt County is justly famous for its cannabis production, there has been very little done to collect the history of the plant in the area nor to document how prohibition has changed the character of the area and its inhabitants.  This page (and may there soon be more) is an attempt to gather at least a photographic and written record of this very unique slice of history.

Here is a link to the story of the first marijuana grower arrested in Humboldt County.

Anyone wishing to offer photos or other memorabilia may contact me at mskymkemp@gmail.com.

Here’s to watching stuff grow— be it marijuana or museums.

6 thoughts on “Humboldt’s Marijuana Museum

  1. This is so ironic! I dreamed about a So Hum museum just a few weeks ago . . . not just about marijuana, but about homesteading, hippy paraphernalia, photography of crazy hippy dwellings . . . I sincerely hope this happens! Another way to get people to visit the heart of the redwoods :)

  2. A lady named Teresa Porter, formerly an exec. director at the Humboldt Co. Historical Society, and an owner of the Benbow Inn, wanted to do something big that would include this. She wanted to create a Southern Humboldt history museum, probably in Garberville, with of course a focus on counterculture and pot history, but also including the real old-timey stuff, back to Native times. We spoke about this a year ago or so. She is a person good at accumulating funds and grants–if people got together with her something might happen.

  3. Kym, i will send you her email address privately. If she still is interested in seeing this through, i’m sure she won’t mind “going public” with her plan on here.

  4. You should also connect with Pebbles Trippet, she has a copy of a giant coffeetable book put together by locals about the ganja history of Humboldt, including artifacts like turkey bags!

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