Easing down from the hills into the flat flood plains of the Eel River doesn’t mean leaving country courtesy behind. The Avenue of the Giants winds through almost frighteningly large Redwood trees but the people of the river valley welcome visitors like they were next door neighbors. Even in November, a produce stand in the miniscule town of Pepperwood

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The night sky shimmers with a spill of dust that trails across the whole sky. The BBQ glows on the patio cupping a smoldering heap of Halloween colors. The potatoes whistle in the oven (Yes, they do! Some unimaginative people might say they sizzle but, to my ear, it is a contented, albeit, tuneless whistle). My oldest son created a

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Safe Space

We started a tradition a few years back, the local kids gather at our community school and pile into a car to go trick-or-treating. We live in a very rural area so our houses are often miles apart and the kids usually manage less than a dozen homes. So we often end with a treat. This year, some incredible people

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