A Smorgasbord of Blogs

Awards to Some Excellent Blogs: To the Mirror because though I frequently don’t agree with their politics, they still make me roar with laughter at their clever (though nasty) insights! To Celluloid Blonde because she can knock my socks off with a paragraph or two on nothing. To SoHum Parlance because I am amazed at the quality of research and

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Vermont Towns Want to Arrest Bush—People Say Arcata is Radical?

People have complained about some of the measures passed in Arcata as being too radical.  Arcata is a bastion of conservative thought compared to these two Vermont towns.  Last Tuesday, the towns collectively agreed that if President Bush or Vice President Cheney ever set foot in their towns, the police are to arrest them for “crimes against our Constitution.” Guess

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Blogspot Problems?

Any one know what is up with Blogspot? I can’t get in on most of the blogs (Headwrapper’s and Bob Flame’s being exceptions but there I can’t get to comments.) And, I can’t get to blogspot.com either. UPDATE:  Just like washing the car helps the rain come.  I had problems all morning but now I can get into them all

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