Commenting for Communication

Guidelines for posting comments We want you to respond and add information. This is helpful to the whole community. However, some types of comments make communication difficult. We have been formulating our policy on comments and ask you to stick to these guidelines. 1. No threats. 2. No insults. (Particularly no racist, sexist, or homophobic taunts. Stick with things you

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Always a Vixen…

Always a Vixen, Mostly a Vegan–here’s another new Garberville blog with mouthwatering photos and some great recipes.  I particularly liked this one that uses my favorite Brio Bread–focaccia. Our favorite kind of pizza starts with Brio focaccia which is made fresh and organic in Arcata. Then I add tomato sauce (jarred kind which I add pureed sweet potatoes to), black

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Welcome, Stranger: Is Humboldt Hospitable?

When the Back to the Landers showed up in Southern Humboldt thirty years ago, they were met with suspicion and hostility.  Today they are pillars of the community–starting health clinics (Redwoods Rural), gathering places (Mateel Community Center), and businesses (Garden of Beadin).  But some of us the old timers while married to them or good friends with them– deep down, 

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