Junk Yard

We shed pieces of our lives—leave them lying around.  Every hill home has some detritus.  Items we plan to use again but don’t–ugly objects, out of place and out of use.     After decades, though, wood and metal tend to add a beauty of their own. In the photo an old screen window litters the land and I used

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Bad but Beautiful

Like many native Humboldters, I married an invasive species-an outlander. And, I can see the good fresh ideas that came with intermarriage between my redneck culture and his occupying army of back-to-the-land folk. Perhaps that’s why I have a soft spot for many of Humboldt County’s exotics listed in a brochure put out by one of my favorite local groups-the

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A Ticklish Question

This is a gross but I’m a crude country woman and I’m not afraid of addressing a tick-lish topic. Every person living in rural areas has their own process of dealing with ticks and I’ve noticed the methods often differ wildly from those recommended by internet sites. For starters, the sites always urge avoiding “walking in grassy, brushy, or heavily

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