Touch Downy

Touch in Yesterday’s Snow When our family rescued Touch, from the pound nearly a year ago it was a cold snowy morning even in the coastal area where the pound is located. Normally, like today, when the ground gets white, I cancel all appointments and stay home. I don’t like to drive in this kind of weather.  But I knew

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Storm Damage

Unfortunately, the beautiful Miranda Gardens Motel had a Redwood tree fall on it crushing the awning and the office. I hope that their insurance covers the damage. Although I don’t know the owners, friends have spoken highly of them. I hear rains and high winds are going to continue through the weekend. On their blog, Carol and Greg are reminding

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Junk Yard

We shed pieces of our lives—leave them lying around.  Every hill home has some detritus.  Items we plan to use again but don’t–ugly objects, out of place and out of use.     After decades, though, wood and metal tend to add a beauty of their own. In the photo an old screen window litters the land and I used

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