A Bad Mom Moment

When I broke my arm for the third time, Mom didn’t hesitate. She rushed me into the emergency room within the hour. But the first time, I went 2 weeks with a greenstick fracture from my wrist almost to my shoulder before she finally decided to take me to the doctor. I remember her telling me to lift my dad’s

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A Sniveling Success

I’ve gotten tickets before, all of them more or less deserved—except one. As I slowly crossed a four lane intersection, some pedestrians stepped out from behind a car, ambled into the crosswalk part way through it just as I was passing in the far lane. I was well aware of motorcycle cop sitting right there so I would never knowingly

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Caution: Horses

I was mad about horses. I know almost all teenage girls are but I should have known better. I grew up with a stubborn donkey named Bunny. Bunny would stand patiently—resigned, Eeyore-like. But as soon as I was almost on, she would take off for the nearest low hanging branch and, with Machiavellian intensity, scrape me off. Then, curling her

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