Where's Waldo?

  Fred asked, Where in the world am I? Here is Google Earth‘s view. We are almost due west of Myer’s Flat. East of the King’s Range. Thus technically, I’m only 4 miles from the nearest town but it takes me 35-40 minutes to drive there. The first 4 miles are dirt. Then twisting one lane county road for about

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Morning Walk

Up the Crick Sun tiptoed in and out of clouds. Ice formed on still water. Bundled, I slipped out for a walk. The flowers know that April is opening its door so they are putting on a show. I saw Shooting Star, Baby Blue Eyes, Houndstongue, Trillium budding, Wild Gorse, Wild Current, Saxifrage, Pink Milkmaids, Ceanothis budding, Wild Lupine, Wild

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Speaking the Cards

Light from the candle licked the gray planes of her face as she stared up at me. From behind my chair, out of the crouching intent group , a boy whispered, “Not the Tower.” My breath quickened. Carefully, I laid the card down. The bodies falling from the tall building made despair a reality. Lightning striking the roof in the

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