Milkmaid: Sweet Herald of Spring

Cardamine californica Fresh and blushing pale pink like an English Milkmaid, Cardamine californica is the first wildflower to bloom on our land.  Every year around the middle of February, I find this dainty foreteller of spring.  This year, I found it the earlier than ever before.   Difficult to photograph, this lovely little flower nestles in light woods and partial

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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall What’s the newest Blog of all? There is a new Humboldt blog. The Humboldt Mirror–commentary on the Humboldt scene with a political twist and a humorous spin. “We’re not so far left that we don’t have jobs, and not so far right that we don’t have ethics.” I’m looking forward to reading them.

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Money: Kids get it, Adults don’t—Brooklyn Experiments with the School System

Should kids earn money for testing well? 23 schools in Brooklyn hand out monetary rewards in exchange for high scores in math and reading. Mayor Bloomberg set up what he calls an ‘anti-poverty initiative’ with money raised from private sources such as the Rockefeller Foundation.   The Sparks Program aims to motivate students with cash rewards to do well on

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