Government Officials, Agency Leaders, Industry Experts at Cannabis Hearing in Ukiah March 1

California cannabis

“We need to make sure that regulations for smaller cannabis farms are reasonable and attainable,” said Assemblymember Jim Wood. “Without that, I am concerned that these farmers, who are an important part of the North Coast economy, won’t have an incentive to comply and may return to an underground economy that could adversely affect public safety and the environment.”

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Frustration and Fear: Local Cannabis Farmers Ask for Help, Claim Measure S Could Put Them Out of Business and Deprive County of Their Tax Revenue

mariuana meeting Board of Supervisors Humboldt

“I speak to a lot of farmers,” argued one grower. “Not one has ever said they didn’t want to pay taxes.” However, she said, the taxes pushed by Measure S were more than was reasonable and, more importantly, they could push cannabis growers out of the business. This, she argued, could harm the county as a whole.  “If they have gone broke,” she said, “they won’t be able to pay [taxes.]”

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