Rent Your Trimmers

I prefer the look of hand trimmed bud but several experienced growers are swearing by the new Twister.  I’ve never seen the results so I can’t review it.  The $15000+ price tag deters most mom and pops though.  However, a comment on another post led me to this site. The site offers Twister Trimmer for rent. The person commenting on

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Of Goldilocks and Growers

Helicopter transports waste from marijuana grow site The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears left me befuddled as a child.  I was supposed to sympathize with this little girl but really, I worried  about the poor bears whose home was trashed by an insensitive twit.  Tonight, when Kevin Hoover from the Arcata Eye sent me this Press Release From

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What a Lawyer Says about Prop. 19

I’ve been planning on doing a thorough post on Prop. 19 but then I received the following letter from Lanny Swerdlow which included a piece from David Nick a well-known marijuana lawyer. He defends the initiative much better than I would. First, here is Swerdlow’s introduction to Nick to give you his credentials and then following is what Nick has

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