PBS Airs Interview With Local Folks About End of Life Care

Local doctor Michael Fratkin’s new startup Resolution Care with local families and caregivers will be featured tonight on PBS. Press release below. ResolutionCare, an innovator in providing palliative care medicine services, is being featured today on PBS Newshour in a segment about how the organization is making a unique contribution to America’s changing healthcare landscape. The program airs tonight—August 18th—at 6:00

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A Guide to Firefighters: Locals and Those From Far Away (Can You Believe We Have a Crew From Puerto Rico Here?)

Firefighters—-they save our homes and sometimes our lives. Right now they are battling heat and smoke to save homes across the Emerald counties. Let’s just take a moment to identify a few of the fire folks we have working on the Lightning Fires in our corner of California. The crews come from a surprising variety of local folk and government agencies. First, (and our personal favorite,) the

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