Local Guy in Swiffer Commercial

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuQ_jbyQc7I?list=PLN5oyufE0AVtEmaS4IkO_fkajK–n3r6L] Zack Rukavina, who graduated from South Fork High School in 2003 and earlier attended Freshwater schools, has been pursuing an acting career. Here he is on a new Swiffer commercial. Rukavina, who lost his arm to cancer, appeared as a veteran in an episode of Switched at Birth. He has also appeared on Damages, Parenthood, Client List and others. He even

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Two Young Women Fight for Their Lives/Community Pledges Support

Ashley Humphrey embracing life at a happier time. (Photo from her gofundme page.) A crash early Monday has left one young man dead, two young women severely injured, and a second young man facing felony drunk driving charges. (See earlier post here.) The families and the community are grieving.  In the dark after the accident, first responders rushed to provide help to

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