‘Not just a good idea, but an idea for good!’: Local Engineers Invent a Good Deed App

Deed it forward still

Would you do a good deed if a favorite GoFundMe cause might get tipped?Matthew Pearson, an engineer in Fortuna, and his partner, a former Humboldt resident, Travis Wentworth are hoping a lot of kind folks might want to help one person and, hopefully, help fund a worthy cause. Pearson explained that he and Wentworth created an app, DeeditForward (available at

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As Fire Season Heats up, Volunteer Crews Spend an Evening Training

Drip line training

As the light faded yesterday, volunteer firefighters gathered around a circle of flames. They had already been training for hours. Briceland Fire hosted their annual refresher course and field day training. Communications Officer for the incident Camilo Stevenson explained that the volunteers do this for practical hands-on experience. The practice section, he said, allows the firefighters to “get their hands

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