[UPDATE 6:19 p.m.] Suspicious Fire in Arcata This Afternoon, 3rd Fire in Two Years at This Location

Jenny Williamson, the spokesperson for the Arcata Fire Protection District reports that there was a fire at the corner of H Street and Samoa Boulevard in an unoccupied structure. Fire crews were dispatched to the site at 4:16 p.m. “It’s suspicious in nature,” Williamson said. She added that Arcata Fire is working with the Arcata Police department to determine the cause of

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Breaking News: Shooting in Phillipsville

According to scanner traffic, there was a homicide in Phillipsville between 8:30 and 9 p.m.. Reportedly an individual was shot. (See here for more information.) However, information is very sketchy and unconfirmed. Caution: this is just off the scanner and details sometimes are not accurate. UPDATE 9:13 p.m.: KMUD is reporting law enforcement is searching for a suspect.

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Wade Harris Arrested, His Bail is $500,000, and DA Fleming Says He’ll Have to Prove Money He Posts for Bail Has Legitimate Source

Wade harris

Wade Harris was arrested again yesterday and this time the new District Attorney believes she has the tools to keep him in jail. Maggie Fleming wrote us today, “My office has completed a Penal Code section 1269 to increase his bail to $500,000.  We have also completed a Penal Code section 1275 so if he comes up with that amount

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Arrest Made Today Near Ray’s in Garberville

About 1:45 P.M. today, deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department questioned a man and a woman near behind the Garberville Thrift Shop near Ray’s Grocery Store in Garberville. According to bystanders, the man was arrested on drug charges and the woman, though originally handcuffed, was set free. We’ll update with more information as soon as possible.    

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Citizens Alert EPD to Suspected Burglars

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and the individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty: On 04/24/15 at about 6:08 a.m., Officers from the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the vicinity of Dean and 16th Streets for the report of a suspicious male and

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Man Fends off Robber With Knife

Eureka Police

Press release provided by Eureka Police: On 04/24/15 at about 1:09 a.m., Officers were dispatched to the vicinity of 5th and N Streets for the report of a male that had just been stabbed. Officers located the victim who had multiple bleeding cuts to both hands. The victim reported that he was sleeping in the bushes near 5th and N

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