[UPDATE 11:35 P.M. Sunday] Flooding in Humboldt: Photos and Observations

Extreme Weather Shelter Opened in SoHum

Van Duzen and Parts of Eel Now Predicted to Flood Tonight or Early Tomorrow

Could Be ‘Highest Water” Ever at Fernbridge Except for ‘64 and ‘55 Says The Office of Emergency Services

(UPDATING) Rainageddon Traffic Report: Numerous Local Accidents

Power Outages in Honeydew and Petrolia

The Rain Came…So What Do You See Where You Are?

Heavy Rain on Friday Followed by Lots More Wet This Weekend

Storm Watch

Tree Down, Both Lanes on Briceland Thorn Road Blocked

Look Out, Toto, High Winds on the Way, Even a ‘Slim Chance’ of a Tornado

Rain’s Coming: Are You Prepared?

An Ode to the First Rain

Showers Predicted This Afternoon

Hot Yet? Eureka Already Broke Today’s Record

Rainy Roads Cause Multiple Accidents

Rain and More Rain But Still Not Enough

High Surf Advisory Today

Eureka Already Broke This Date’s Rain Record/More Rain Coming

Southern Humboldt County Roads Impacted by the Heavy Rains

Rock Blocking Lane Between Redway and Garberville

Leggett: .72 Inches of Rain in the One Hour Today

Winds Predicted to Whip Areas of Humboldt and Del Norte

Rainy Day at Humboldt—Making the Best of a Badminton Situation!

Rocks Falling Between Redway and Garberville

Windy, Wet and Wild Friday Predicted

Got Rain?

Rain and Snow Predicted for Weekend

So, Now It’s Raining: What About the Drought?

Icy on a Few Roads in SoHum

Getting Warmer/ Getting Colder

Sand Truck on Salmon Creek

Icy Roads Again in SoHum

Icy Roads in SoHum Again

Photo of North Jetty and the High Surf

Wild and Windy in the West

Remember: County Roads Can Be Icy

Roads are Icy

Thomas Road off Salmon Creek—Dangerous Conditions

Roads: Snowy and ICY [UPDATE 11:50]

UPDATED: Snow Closes 101 North of Willits

Snow Predicted Today—Roads Icy—Be Careful

You Knew It Was Cold! Record Low Temps on the North Coast

Brrrr! Temperatures Drop Across the County

Freeze Watch in Effect Tomorrow Night

Possible Frost Tonight Across Inland Valleys

Fires Affecting Humboldt—Or Why Is It So Smokey?

Lightning Storm Strikes Humboldt

Fire Weather Watch and Red Flag Advisory for Areas of Northern California

Lightning Warning Issued