The Smell of Smelt

“You two!” Dad barked sharply at Buddy and I. Through the constant roar of the ocean we could barely hear him but with a wild animal’s instinct for danger we were instantly alert. “You’re gonna scare the fish.” Not daring to argue, but wondering how fish could hear us with their heads covered in the roaring ocean and their bodies

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A Masculine View

Rumplestiltskin age 2 As a mother of 3 boys, I have come to realize that males are born thinking very differently from females. There are things little boys do that you can NEVER imagine a little girl doing. One night, not too long ago, my kindergartener was squatting naked on the bathroom counter examining himself with a pleased expression in

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Fire in the Heart

Tree Burning During Salmon Creek Fire   Brilliant yellow leaves, so saturated in sunlight that they bow–heavy with golden weight, and meadow grasses wet with the first rains, complete each other like puzzle pieces in the land around our cabin. But stories from Southern California remind me how fragile, how ephemeral this beauty is. We could have lost it all

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