Dell, Hell NO!

“This is Dell, hello.” In my nightmares, I’ll hear the lilting words echoing down Kafkaesque halls. Forget the actual product (ignore the 3 Dell computers needing service this last month in my 3 computer household.) Let’s just focus on my amazing experience of having an ear massage at the expense of Dell. (Ignore the gouging $39 charge for EACH computer

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Fuchsia, the Erotic Flower

Passion Daily Photo Unfolding, a fuchsia, explodes into passionate pinks and purples. These are some of the most sensuous looking flowers ever to arch delicate petals and open to the humming mouths of bees and other winged creatures. They don’t much care for the harsh summers and winters here in the Southern Humboldt hills and every year I slaughter an

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Shooting Stars Tonight

Click on image to go to more information about meteor showers One hot silken Summer night many years ago, a local park ranger and his wife created a group of passionate star gazers.  They simply had a party for grownups and set up several cots for kids to sleep on out in the yard not far from Benbow Lake.  We

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