Professor of Economics Argues Price of Pot Might Rise When Legalized

Yesterday the New York Times Blog, Freakonomics, featured a guest post by Daniel Hamermesh.  Hamermesh is a professor of Economics at the University of Texas.  He claims that “if California passes the Legalize Marijuana initiative in November. If that happens, the demand curve will shift out, tending to raise price still further.  But people will be allowed to grow small

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Washington State Democrats Support Legalize Marijuana Initiative

California isn’t the only state looking to legalize marijuana in the coming year.  Washington, Oregon, Nevada surround us and all are  going to have legalize cannabis initiatives on the ballot either this fall or next.  Even more importantly for the many growers of Humboldt that export to places back east, those states are all likely to vote for legalization.  Speculation

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Tax Cannabis is Officially Proposition 19

The proposition numbers have all been assigned for the Fall election cycle.  The marijuana legalization initiative is now Proposition 19. From the Center for Governmental Studies , here are the propositions we’ll see this coming November. Prop 18: Legislative Bond Measure: Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010. Prop 19: Allows People 21 years old or older

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