October Sunrise a la Halloween

Capturing the Sun Daily Photo Follow my line of thought here.  It’s convoluted but I’ll try and keep it simple. Halloween =Scary + Fun Scary=Evil-trying-to-get-me. Thus, Halloween=Evil-trying-to-get-me + fun That is why I am responding to a Meme here. What?  You don’t get it?  Let me spell it out… Memes are Evil but I enjoy reading other people’s responses.  People

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Bone Berry Gonna Get Ya

Bone Berries Daily Photo “Bone Berry gonna get ya” the rasp of her rough voice flicked like a cat’s tongue over my already raw nerves. Staring into the shallow creek bed right below her house I could see them. In the dark of an moonless Autumn night, they gleam like old bones and like the tiny evil skulls they resemble,

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