I Married My Cousin

I married my cousin Some responsibility settles on your shoulders like the heavy yoke of an ox cart but other responsibility, no matter its weight, lightens your load and gives joy. This weekend, I married my cousin. (In spite of how the photo looks, I’m performing the ceremony–not wedding my beautiful cousin.)I cried when they asked me to do it,

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Are You Prepared?

My Husband could be Mad Max Are you prepared? I’m sure not. The current financial crisis fell smack on top of the usual subdued concerns about natural disasters and I started wondering if, well, you know, the world as we know it could end and The Garberville Vet’s Hall would become the Thunderdome and my husband would be Mad Max

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Moth Corner

Corner Creature Daily Photo This moth edged my couch with green–a perfect corner on symmetry. Plastering itself flat (like most moths at rest) this fellow presented itself for identification and, unlike most wildlife, waited quiescent for me to finish photographing it before it took flight. Probably a (Dichorda iridaria) but definitely a beauty.

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