Blowing Smoke?: The CNBC/High Times Medicinal Marijuana Slideshow

Photo From Grow Magazine CNBC recently did a story on cannabis culture entitled Marijuana, Inc. Their promo site includes a very interesting slide show. Included are photos of many different strains of pot with descriptions of price and medicinal value attached.  I highly recommend this piece for both complete neophytes and growers alike.  The information comes from industry insider, High

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Lost in the Mist: Marijuana Growers have No Recourse Against Violence

Lost in the Mist Daily Photo Unfortunately, in the midst of the morass of law enforcement, the reason laws were made is often lost.  Basically, rules are supposed to create safety for people–for society. And law enforcement officials are there to keep retribution from leading to a Hatfield/McCoy situation. Just recently, marijuana growers have increasingly become the victims of violent

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The Nikon Naiad's Song:Saved from Drowning by my Camera

The Fog Also Rises Daily Photo The Nikon Naiad’s Song When morning light throws golden nets Across the splash of Humboldt fog Fishing for creatures of the night, They scatter — Slipping into caverns of shadow Till the sun sails off to lay its lures in other waters. –                   –                              – But I, like Neptune’s errant wife, Hair still streaming

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