Writer, independent journalist, photographer, teacher, martial artist, gardener, genealogist, voracious reader, and lover of all family both nuclear and created.

All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise attributed.

You may email me at mskymkemp@gmail.com.

44 thoughts on “About

  1. i want to say thank you for you kind word you relly liked the last 5 lines well it is a start for me i ben racking my braine to come up with somthing new but im goin to get of of hear and go to bed for the night

    thanks agan

  2. Ha, happened upon a link here at UniversalHD’s Firefly board. Did a triple-take when I saw the name of the blog. What a coinkidink. Just saying hey.

  3. Thank you for your blog on John’s clean up efforts. We really appreciate it. Can you send me an e-mail so that I may talk to you some more. I wasn’t able to find any contact info on you off of here. We’d like it if you could put down that people can make donations through paypal from our site, and a few other things.

    Thank you again!!!
    Eel River Clean Up Crew Webmistress

  4. Well done with today’s coverage. You managed to keep pretty good tabs on BOTH of the local crises. The whole thing is very impressive.

    Did you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, with the photos of the IRS raid? I’ve been trying to follow the “out of towners” on my scanner, but I think they’re using a secure frequency.

    Any suggestions on catching up with these guys?


  5. Dave, I’m a long time local and people call me or send me photos. I didn’t take those pics (I wish I would have they are beautiful.

    What works for me is to keep on the phone but, if I could, I would be following the feds when they leave this morning. (Hmm, maybe not, I’m not much for conflict and I can’t see them being too happy about that but, if I were brave that is what I would do.)

  6. Hi Kym, thanks for the inspiration! My name is Eric Sligh, I am 29 years old from Ukiah. I have a degree in French from HSU and recently completed the single subject credential program there as well. I did my student teaching at Eureka High School during the past year. I have also put together a print publication called Humboldt Grow. I asm still trying to figure out what the magazine is supposed to be. It kind of looks like a comic book to me sometimes. I have a website, http://www.humboldtgrow.com where you can view pdfs of the magazine. I am really excited about being finished with school so that I can become completely enveloped in the local social/political scene. I really hope that I can join the ranks of all of the quality independent news sources we have been blessed with. – Eric

  7. Kym,

    I so very much appreciate your blog. I’t connects me back to so many of the indelible, intimiate things about salmon creek i love. Thank you very much.


  8. Hi, Kim!

    I got a chance to check out your site – I love it. You’ve done an a-musing/amazing job.

    I sent an email to Chip. I’m hoping to hear from him.

    And, I hope I’ll hear from you again some day soon. It was really nice to reconnect with you. Let’s stay in touch!

    Sydney Lou

  9. Very nice blog you have here.

    I’d like to invite you to visit mine – AS IT STANDS (davesblogcentral.com)

    I’m another Humboldt blog, still fairly new. Started in July 2008.

  10. I popped over to your site originally because you were a local blogger, Now I’m hooked on your art and the Mongolian info. I suspect a few of my readers are finding out how lovely your site is also.

  11. Kym, I don’t know what is wrong with my brain (or maybe it’s my salt-encrusted contacts affecting my vision), but I can’t find your email address and I have a very important question for you:

    What movies would you recommend to fans of Firefly/Serenity?

    Thank you! :)

  12. For a Guy who hates blogs I sure like yours. Lots of good stuff, good people.

    Love your area, love your photos, love your hobbies.

    Keep up the good fight, you may have inspired me to blog.
    Oh, No!
    Hope to make it to the Emerald Cup next year, do you know if you have to be local? I’m in Sac.

  13. Hi Kym!

    I deleted Auntie Mayme’s blog, so feel free to take it off your blog roll.

    Thank you for your support!


    Auntie Mayme/ Hunny

  14. You know Kym….there are days when I simply do not want to visit your site. Your gorgeous pictures. Your beautiful words, elegantly arranged. Your thoughtfulness. It’s really quite annoying.

    The grace exhibited by your site, which must clearly be only a modicum of the grace in which you live your life, enriches me in ways so few other things do.

    I’m not a person who believes in the soul or subscribes to the idea of the spirit, but if I did I believe your site would be like a temple in which I would visit.

    Thank you.

  15. Hey Kym, what do you know about the feds raiding Apex North and AEE Solar in the Meadows Business Park last Friday? There has been no mention of it in any of the news. Hopefully Kmud will have something tonight. Do you anything about it?

  16. I’ve got a call in to Brenda Godsey at the Sheriff’s Dept. to see if there has been any such activity. I do know the one of the owners had a personal raid on his home several weeks ago.

  17. Just saying hi, Kym. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Keep up the great work! I’m still a frequent reader of your blog and love to keep up with your work.


  18. Hi Kym… I like the new format after being a bit shocked… Didn’t get the comment balloon for awhile but I finally figured it out. Thanks for all your work… Look out! You’ve become a primary news source, must be a lot of work!

  19. Hey Kym, I don’t know when you changed your blog (I always read it in RSS) but it looks great! Way easier to read and nice design. You are really doing a great job keeping us informed of Humboldt County issues – and your photography is beautiful!

  20. Dear Kim,
    I am a writer from Brazil researching for a book on drug culture, the future of drug policy and especially marijuana. I am in the middle of a trip to several countries to understand how humanity’s approach to cannabis is changing. I am planning to go to Northern CA next week – I am in SF right now. Do you think I could meet you there?

  21. Kym, I am a relative of people in your area and was concerned of this practice in your area with PG&E putting in smart meters. You should see this post on youtube. You may want to post something about this to your fellow Humbolt County residents. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JNFr_j6kdI
    You can request that this not be done to a residence.

  22. me and my wife are trying to relocate to humbolt or any surrounding area, i am 26 and she is 23, we are very hard workers and very respectable, if any one can help us with some work or housing let me know. my name is justin 765-225-7617

  23. I him looking to come down to Humbolt and see if I gin find a job. It will be my first faraway trip. I would like to go to ensure damn but can not afford it so I guess California Humbolt is my best option. I him self efficient with my tenant and I was thinking just to bring my electric bike so I will be traveling cheaply. I him also looking for somewhere to camp why I look for a trimming job my e-mail is insanityinventions@yahoo.com
    check out the site http://www.insanityinventions.com/ I him a renewable energy designer using solar panels and other devices I him sort of a mad scientist.

  24. Hi Kym,
    I have been so inspired by your blog, and SoHumBorn’s stories, that I have started my own blog. I’m writing about my happy memories of being the child of hippies lucky enough to be raised in the mountains. Thought I’d remind everyone that it isn’t all fear and money . . . Anyway, if you have a minute, please check it out. It’s harmonyinthehills.wordpress.com
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you come across as wiser than your years. :)

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