Thieves Stole a Water Tank From the Leggett VFD And They Shut off the Station’s Power Which Could Have Delayed the Firefighters’ Response to an Emergency

Water taken

This is the water tank that is like the one that was taken. [Photo from Leggett Fire]

On July 30 about 1:45 a.m., a thief or thieves stole a 5000 gallon water tank from the Leggett Fire Station.

“The people responsible disabled the Fire Station power which shuts off our water pump, radio, and garage doors,” The Leggett Fire Department reports. “This could cause a delay in emergency response. The Fire Department is offering a $1000 reward for any information that leads to the recovery of the tank.”

Beyond the financial loss, beyond the danger to the community when the electricity was shut off, there is a sense of loss that someone would do this to the folks that are there to protect us all. As the Leggett Firefighters Facebook page notes, “The all volunteer members of Leggett Fire are disappointed that anybody would steal anything from a Fire Department. Karma comes back around.”

If you have any information, please contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 463-4086.



  • Ernie Branscomb

    I think that stealing anything from an emergency service is felony. Go after them. Stop this now.

    • opening someone elses letter is a felony

      • Agreed but where in this article does it say anything faintly resembling reading someone else’s mail??? Just curious!!!

      • Ernie Branscomb

        “opening someone elses letter is a felony”

        True, they probably wouldn’t even go to jail, but they will lose certain rights that are important to non-criminally inspired people. A simple conviction will enact the following.

        In California, convicted felons will lose the following rights:

        Voting rights.
        Ability to travel abroad.
        Gun ownership.
        Jury service.
        Employment in certain fields.
        Public assistance and housing.
        Parental rights.

        • Convicted felons regain their voting right after completing parole or probation. Know the law.
          Also, many felonies can be dismissed upon completion of probation or parole with a very simple process. Then one may serve on a jury. I know this from personal experience. I was convicted of a felony, had it dismissed and served on a jury. The DA challenged me after I was seated, I brought my dismissal paperwork to court and was congratulated by the judge for regaining my rights.
          It is important to know what your rights are and to fight for them. Don’t take an armchair “expert” oppinion. Ask a lawyer.

          • Felons are still people and some people make mistakes in life then pay for them.. After they pay they should be able to regain thwir rights

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          I lost my gun rights for 22 years after a non-violent marijuana cultivation conviction. Talk about SUCK. People think oh, hi, dee ho ho just grow some weed make tons of easy money. You’re probably mostly right on most of your points, Ernie, but I never lost my right to vote since I wasn’t incarcerated and listing myself as a felon never got me off the juror list. Apply for a federal job or attempt to get bonded, and oops, there it is. Bye bye.

          You are correct that a felony conviction is way worse than most youngsters and too many oldsters realize, especially if you are not a sociopath and trying to live a non-evil life. It’s no joke.

        • Entering a World of Pain

          When i completed parole in 2014 my discharge paperwork stated very plainly that my voting rights were restored and provided a number to call and register.
          I have voted in numerous elections since.
          I have also received at least 2 jury summons since that time.
          Some countries will not admit felons for travel (UK Canada Japan) most notably, but nothing prevents a convicted felon from traveling internationally after their rights are restored.
          A felony is not an immediate lose of parental rights either, though it will look bad in court

          • WaltDisneysDildo

            Lol. Nice buddy but ur so far from understanding how the real world works, at least the real dark world. #8 trolly, walk, hail, Rodriguez… Klm.. Heathrow.. schiphol.. ruigoord..

            See as I have sought the eyes of mother’s naught. Is it horses that are uneducated?

    • And if caught do not release them just because of the pandemic. They don’t give a shit about the citizenry at large so why should we give a shit about them? No bail, no probation! They did the crime let ’em do the time!

      • 👌 What day did could’ve risk someone’s life. First responders wouldn’t have been able to get out of the fire House.

    • Unbelievable!

      Q: How many thieves, ex-cons, drug-dealers, drug addicts, marijuanistas, cowards and complete idiots live in Humboldt County?

      A: All of them!

      Humboldt: Getting more dangerous, every minute…

  • are there any identifying marks?

  • Defund the police? Something about rent or shoplifting a loaf of bread for their children. Or maybe they were trading the tank for a loaf of bread, it’s hard keeping up.

  • I hope they find the punks who did this! This volunteer fire department Is CRUCIAL as it can take up to an hour for an ambulance to get to the Scene.. I know the Volunteers personally.. they have spent years running this fire department & are Compassionate enough to keep it going! Instead of being Someone who is worthless to society why don’t you try doing something with your life. This isn’t normal behavior you obviously need some mental help!

    • Guest. Agree with your “as low as thieves could go”but not your “punks”. These thieves are sociopaths given what they stole, who from (VFD) & how (shutting off electricity). They should do time.

  • 🕯🌳Sounds like someone starting a grow. 👁👁

    • Grows are too easy to bust anymore, so old school.

      They stole it for fire protection for their new BHO lab.

      In a manufactured home.

      With their 3 kids, and 4 dogs.

      On someone else’s land.


  • How low can a thief go?

  • Sure am glad they are letting 8000 more of these animals out of prison due to coved so they can prey upon people. How manyy innocents will die due ro the actions dirextly or indirectly because of animals like this?

  • Stealing a fire department’s water tank is about as low as you can go for a thief.

  • US Marine no fear no filter no fks

    Why can’t the snitches, snitch on people like this, instead of dudes growing weeds? Shouldn’t be too hard to find out where it went. Access traffic cams, cross with satellite imaging follow target to drop point. Boom found. Trust me the technology is there.

    • 🕯🌳But they won’t use it. Thought of that before. 👨‍🚒🖖

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, phone scammers know when I’m on line so they can call me, but the police can’t find them. People dump vehicles and cops don’t trace the VIN for last owner. Somebody must have seen this tank rolling down the road. How much is a wild game camera these days? $100? $200? Thieves swarm over our communities like blood-sucking ticks.

    • If they raise more money they might get more info a $1000 is being offered I’d be willing to donate!

    • Traffic cams? Just where do you think Legget is?

      • Leggett is half way between Garberville and Laytonville and has two freeway exits. The fire house is close to one of them. If the truck with water tank avoided “town” they could have avoided all the security cameras. As with other businesses throughout the the USA Leggett businesses have security cameras. The fire house does too but without power they are not helpful.

    • It was probably dudes that grow weed that stole it, Bwahahaha.

  • Traffic cams? Its a tiny town of a few hundred people.

  • Video security is a cheap investment against petty thieves.

  • there is video security at that fire department I’m assuming that the power being shut off was to make sure the cameras weren’t on

  • What low life’s !!! I’m so sad for them as a part of a poor volunteer fire department leader i feel the pain and vivid has cancelled 3 of or fundraising events so far I pray for you!I hope someone can help you out !

  • Unfortunately there are scumbags out there that will steal anything!!!

  • I hope they catch those thieving dimwits.

    When I lived in Point Arena 25 years ago, some low life’s broke into the unoccupied Iverson Road firehouse and drained the fuel from both fire engines!

    Thankfully, it was discovered before a fire call came in.

    The dirt balls also stole everything valuable.

    People who do things like that should spend a long time kept away from society.

  • First rule every child learns in the school yard. What goes around eventually comes around. And it’s usually ruthless when it does.

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