Three New COVID-19 Cases Reported Today, July 16: New Alert Level Provided by County Public Health on Dashboard

Humboldt Test Results by the NumbersPress release from Humboldt County COVID-19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s total case count now stands at 178 after three additional cases of COVID-19 were reported today.

The Humboldt County Emergency Operations Center today added an Alert Level Assessment Tool on the Data Dashboard ( to assist residents to better understand the current risk of COVID-19 transmission.

The tool tracks three categories used as indicators of Humboldt County’s ability to respond to and manage an increase in disease transmission. Each category is assigned a level between one and four based on current virus conditions. Categories include the following:

  • Spread of COVID-19 – how much COVID-19 is occurring in our community
  • Health Care System Capacity – trends in hospitalized COVID-19 patients and availability of critical medical resources, including health care workers
  • Effectiveness of Disease Control – effectiveness of community mitigation and public health efforts to control the spread of COVID-19.

The Overall Alert Level is determined by the highest of all three categories and indicates what actions community residents should take to limit transmission of the virus.

  • Level 1 – New Normal – Cases are somewhat sporadic, and contact tracing can be used to control the virus. Take everyday enhanced precautions.
  • Level 2 – Moderate Risk – Moderate number of cases with majority of cases from a known source. Increase efforts to limit personal exposure.
  • Level 3 – High Risk – Many cases including community spread, with many undetected cases likely. Limit everyday activities to increase safety.
  • Level 4 – Very High Risk – Widespread outbreak that is growing with many undetected cases. Take strong measures to limit all contact.

Humboldt County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Josh Ennis pointed out that limiting the spread of COVID-19 requires a communitywide effort. “The virus is spreading throughout Humboldt County and beyond, which makes it challenging to determine how to assess our risk and adjust our individual behaviors,” he said. “We developed this tool with the Emergency Operations Center to provide greater context for our local data.”

Dr. Ennis said the Overall Alert Level today stands at a 2 because of increasing case counts and recent strains on testing capacity due to a rising demand for tests nationwide. That’s in addition to an influx of travel-related cases with large numbers of contacts while infectious, posing problems for effective investigation and tracing.

“Public health is so much more than just our county’s response at this point,” Dr. Ennis said. “It’s also residents having access to knowledge and taking ownership to protect our community.”

The Alert Level Assessment Tool will be updated Monday through Friday as conditions change. Visit to view the tool. To learn more about alert levels, go to

Dashboard Alert Level Screenshot

Screenshot of the Alert Level Assessment Tool taken on July 16, 2020.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

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  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    Our children and grandchildren are being deprived of normal social development and an education with schools closed. The German study proves that open schools don’t increase the spread of COVID so let’s follow the science rather than fear mongering. It’s time for our schools to reopen normally and let fearful parents keep their kids home.

    • Except of course that you are completely ignoring the relevant fact that the German case study occurred in an area with low rates of infection in the population as a whole. So it doesn’t really say anything about the potential for spreading in areas that have a higher background rate of spread like in California at the moment.

      My guess is that you aren’t one of the people who will have to work in the open schools because it’s pretty common for them to be hotspots for many kinds of infectious problems with teachers frequently getting sick from their students.

      • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

        Fearful teachers should stay home too.

        • It’s the teachers who aren’t afraid that are the problem. They’ll get infected, might not even know it, and spread it to their families, their friends, random members of the public, etc. This is a public health issue. Everyone is responsible for protecting everyone else.

          • Are you sickly or just afraid? You have nothing to worry about if you remain at home until there’s a vaccine like me. Safeway delivers groceries so you’ll never be exposed to anyone that may be ill.

          • triniboldticino

            You’re not going to convince the sycophants that fervently believe it is the Constitutional RIGHT to infect others. America is in trouble and the emperor has no clothes.

        • It never ceases to amaze me how fearless some folks are — for other people, that is. As long as it isn’t their problem or risk, it’s okay to not worry about getting or spreading a potentially serious infections disease as long as it affects someone else and not them. I see the same kind of thinking in the the anti-vaxxers too.

          The National Academy of Sciences just released a report on education in the current pandemic. Their recommendation was that schools focus on face-to-face instruction with K-5 but with significant precautions in place. Namely smaller class sizes and masking/distancing and sanitizing protocols — all of which would be expensive so they recommend the Feds and the States significantly focus/increase spending on this demographic. Their rationale was that this age group does much less well with online learning, this developmental period sets the stage for later education, and many of the lower income families with kids in this demographic do not have alternatives or resources available for educating (or even feeding) the kids.

          That’s the catch though — it’ll take more money to open the schools even for just this group in a time when there is significantly less money available. I don’t have a good answer for where it’s supposed to come from.

          • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

            Schools are administered by local boards that decide pay scales, conditions, and now new protocols. Local decisions must be funded locally and from their state – not by federal taxpayers who had no say in the matter.

            • The citizens of the country have a stake in equitable education and as such, provide federal funds (about 8% on average) to fund education programs and things like school lunches and HeadStart. This was an attempt to reduce the inequities between rich school districts and poor ones in terms of opportunities for the students.

      • Except you are completely ignoring the relevant fact that Humboldt is an area with a low rate of infection.

        Send kids to school and high risk teachers can “Zoom” conference call into the classroom.

        • Wheres Humbolts curve graph Ullr?

          Is it flat or better?

          • Humboldt’s numbers are statistically insignificant. It’s like Trinity doubling their cases in one day!… they went from 1 to 2… that’s a mighty steep curve.

            0.1% of the Humboldt county population is infected.

            • So you don’t want to post that, it doesn’t support your total nuetrality, lol.

              Gee, what if what’s happening in Humboldt is significant, because it’s not happening in just Humboldt, but large swaths of counties in the US, during the summer when you thought it would “slow down” because of the heat?

        • First, the Germans as a society tend to be much more likely to adhere to protocols and rules for public health — it’s why they were able to control the outbreaks more readily.

          Second, the study was done in Saxony where they were testing much more rigorously and the infection rate was considerably lower than Humboldt, particularly considering how connected Humboldt is to the rest of California where the rates have been soaring.

          Third, Zoom teaching is a very different beast than face-to-face — I’m speaking from direct experience here — and if the teacher is Zooming in, who’s going to be interacting and controlling the behavior of the students in the classroom? Plus it kind of defeats the whole purpose of face-to-face to put the kids together where they can spread the disease but still make them interact with the instructor online.

          • I think an assistant would be necessary. I don’t think zoom in this setup is ideal, but it’s better than nothing. The main thing with going to school is freeing up parents to go to work.

            Germany is connected (more so with public transportation ) to the rest of Deutschland and Europe as Humboldt is to California.

            I lived in Heidelberg for quite awhile… Germans aren’t as compliant as you assume.

            • Germany is well connected but the neighbors all seem to have their infections currently under at least a little bit of control (except maybe the UK). California’s isn’t right at the moment, much less the rest of the country where we still have complete freedom of movement from. Recall that most of the cases in Humboldt are either from travel or contact with folks who travelled. If we could instigate a 2-week quarantine for everyone traveling into the county from anywhere besides the neighboring counties with low transmission rates, we could probably get our numbers back down to zero. But of course we can’t.

              I’m not saying Germans are all compliant, but what I’ve read indicated that they are much more likely to follow health protocols than say, a good portion of Americans.

              • Mask wearing in europe:

                “In some cases, like that of Italy and Spain, the number of people who said they were wearing the face coverings in public rose to over 80% last week, contrary to the Nordic countries where the latest survey responses show rates at below 10%.”


                • Interesting, I had not seen that graph, thanks. I had read Germany’s travel restrictions and who could travel freely and who was required to quarantine. But for the masks, it looks the Germans are at around 60% compared to Italy, Spain, and France at 80%.

                  This was the most recent survey I could find quickly for the US. It seems like large parts of the country are still well below 50%, some down around the 10-20% of the Nordic countries.


                  It is more than mask wearing of course, but still it’s interesting to see the regional dichotomy. I had read where Sweden, which didn’t shut down anything, has had about the same economic and health impacts as countries that did shut down but that part of that was attributed to the populations tendency to follow along with suggested health protocols.

                  • Actually Sweden did shut down some things- it closed high schools and universities, banned groups of over 50, cancelled sports events, restricted people standing at bars, etc. It also made a lot of recommendations about travel, encouraged employers to allow working from home, etc. They did so based on the epidemiology science that indicated that such restrictions would need to be in place for a long time.

                    On the other hand, many places did wide ranging curtailments and have found that those couldn’t be maintained as long as needed. When the loosened restriction, the virus surged. Then they reimposed restrictions if they could. In several places it has not been possible to do it. Hong Kong and Indonesia have not been able to drag their stressed out citizens into renewed shut downs.

                    In a couple of years, it will be possible to examine which procedures were more effective. Until then, not making people crazy by having to change courses repeatedly seems like the best choice whether that is a strict lockdown, track and trace like New Zealand or a milder approach like Sweden. Trying to force too many people do what they find objectionable is never going to be successful. Encourage, yes. Force, no.

    • A new period of enlightenment?

      Listen to Larry Kudlows statement a few days ago about opening universities. He can’t really describe what benefit they provide, because he probably skated though on some daddy donation. “Just get the guys[!] Back in there …they’ll teach em whatever it is they’re teaching…uh er”
      Incarceration training.
      My teenaged son has been working around the place taking on his own projects, and was in a much better mental state this spring than during a regular school schedule.

    • Schools and teachers aren’t that good at stopping the spread of lice, but you think they can/should handle Covid?

    • If we had just followed the European model in fighting this virus, we wouldn’t be in the fucking mess we find ourselves in today. This country is being run by a bunch of blithering idiots!

      • triniboldticino

        Exactly. Coast to coast, the 1/3 of the population that agrees with freeing legally convicted felons and that they have a Constitutional RIGHT to infect others and that this is just the flu is killing America. One of the few Countries in the civilized world that can’t seem to slow the virus down – simply because one person doesn’t want it affecting his re-election. Now Americans aren’t allowed in many, many places around the world because of the abject mismanagement of a friggin’ PANDEMIC. Kill the kids, the sycophants will hunker at home, follow their fuhrer and until one of their family members dies (and it has happened to quite a few deniers), they won’t change their mind.

      • You mean like Italy, UK, Belgium or Spain? Or like Estonia, Finland, Portugal or Denmark? It varies. As does what gets reported.

        And deaths happen among mask wearing, staying at home too. Does that mean that they are also at fault for dying? Are you going to fault minorities or immigrants for failing to protect themselves? Or are you just spinning everything to fit your pre-covid hatreds? Because obviously if Trump couldn’t stop California from declaring itself a sanctuary State, he is unlikely to have ever had the power to effect California’s response to covid-19 either.

    • Governnent health officers logic:

    • government facts. death kids. Feb 1 to June 17. age under one , 8 deaths. age 1 to 4, 5 deaths .age 5 to 14, –13 deaths.age 15 to 24 , 125 deaths. that’s 148 deaths under 24.this is the whole country. stop being afraid . in 2019 ,675 kids died in cars accidents . do some facts finding. its not what there telling. don’t believe me. i could be making this up look it up. prove me wrong.

      • triniboldticino

        Give me an address. If my kid dies because you and your fuhrer are so cavalier, I’d like to pay a visit. The point is, it WAS preventable. Now we’re going to hit the big numbers before year’s end. Completely unnecessary, just the fuhrer’s perception of his optics and the upcoming election. 140,000 Americans dead from politics (like yours) and mismanagement. Now he’s blaming Fauci. It’s starting to look like the vast majority of Americans aren’t as stupid as he believes. You can’t go to Canada. You can’t go to Europe. You can’t go to many, many countries around the world that have leveled the virus to manageable conditions. But we can’t have testing and tracing in the U.S. That doesn’t look good for your fuhrer. Not me I’m worried about. It’s my parents and kids and the cavalier attitude of the dbag “experts.”

    • “Normal social development?” Over 2 million children are home schooled in the US every year. Why aren’t we up in arms about that if going to school is such a critical component of “normal social development?” Remember, “normal” social development includes learning social responsibility and critical thinking skills.

      • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

        Some children have parents and a supportive home environment that allows home schooling to succeed but most have neither and being left at home is like no school at all. This majority of children are poorly served by closed schools and teachers unwilling to perform normally at their job.

        • “…teachers unwilling to perform normally at their job.”

          Seriously, walk a mile in their shoes. If you are unhappy with the decisions teachers make, get certified and become a teacher and change things.

          I think most folks are completely clueless about the level of dedication the majority of teachers bring to the classroom and their students and the sheer volume of crap they have to put up with in the course of their jobs. Most teachers want to get back into the classroom because interacting with their students is what drives them.

          They don’t however want to get seriously ill or die from just trying to do their jobs or be the cause of someone else’s serious illness or death.

          • Neither fothethousands and thousands still going to the jobs that allow teachers not to go to theirs. If “we are all in this together”, some of us are not pulling their share of the load.

  • And another new record for the US, 77k new cases in one day, an increase of 10k from the previous record set a couple of days ago. Numerous states are also posting new records in new cases and hospitalizations and the death rate has caught up to it’s lag time and is now taking off as well with record number of deaths in some states.

    Now, before the arguments begin, I want the deniers or anti-maskers to think about what that means. This virus not only didn’t slow down in the summer months as scientists and medical professionals had hoped for, it’s exploding in the US (and the sun-belt no less) and other countries around the world like Brazil. The US and Brazil remain the two biggest hotspots on the planet and they have one thing in common, a leader who is also a denier and disease spreading enabler.

    By now we should be having mature discussions like how to improve mask efficacy for people with beards, how to deal with people who refuse to wear a mask when needed, how to make certain functions and events ever safer from infection, how to teach safe distancing to children etc etc. Instead I have no doubt this thread will end like most, a cesspool of animosity and anger coming from both sides of the argument, (though the anti-maskers are the worst) over the most trivial details and confused narrative.

    I think we could contain this thing in a matter of months without a hard lockdown if everyone practiced distancing, mask wearing and hand washing. However I doubt that will happen until it’s too late and no amount of pleading, begging and logic will change that, or so it appears.

    • 🕯🌳I’ll second that. 🖖🇺🇸

    • You should stay at home until a vaccine is available.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Open up and let the chips fall where they may. Its a pandemic, people are going to die. What we are doing now is going to cause a Mad Max scenario in a few months, which will be much scarier and deadly than covid. I would say that should scare anybody, but the left has already shown that looting, rioting, and the destruction of society is right in their wheel house.

      • Sometimes Hollywood gets the future right. COVID-19, 1 percent death rate, mad max scenario, 90 percent death rate. Kind of make you look back and say whoops.

        • Seriously not serious

          Lone ranger! You cant look back with any wisdom from a future that hasn’t happened yet! Explain how you came up with your 90% death rate from your mythical movie inspired mad max scenario you observed from your time machine.

      • Six ft. 4 weeks. Not complicated

        You cant force society to “reopen” by fiat. You cant mandate me to go to a restaurant. You dont think a disease will keep the economy suppressed?! Europe is re opening because people feel confident going out and about because case numbers are so low.

      • triniboldticino

        How about just doing what dozens of other civilized countries around the world did to stem the tide of infections? Testing and tracing. Or is that just too much for the trumpanzee intellect that thinks it’s their Constitutional right to infect others, or simply go survivalist and cower at home until it’s over, carping from afar and parroting your fuhrer’s party line? It’s going to take America years to get over all of this.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          So angry. Na I’m a realist. It appears that a virus is parasitic and that it may have found a host of 8.4 billion people. I don’t think there is a vaccine available and I doubt there will be enough of it ready for everyone when it first comes out. There are also a lot of people out there like me that are going to be suspicious of a fast tracked vaccine and are going to wait and see what happens to the first people who take it. So I think that even a vaccine for covid won’t stamp it our right away, the vaccine may actually give you covid, which seems to happen a lot with brand new vaccines. I know that I am down to the last of my savings and that the powers that be have extended the lock down. I have been able to work here and there, but only enough to slow the bleeding a little bit. I think many people are in the same boat. I just wonder what I will have to resort to in a few more months when I do run out of money and I still need to feed my wife and kid.

          I also am having a failure to see how European countries have a handle on this as well? The majority of european countries have way more deaths per 100,000 people than the US does. Quit drawing straw man arguments drawn up against party lines. People are going to start starving.

          • 1911, I know this could be awkward but I’m willing to try and put your skills with someone else’s need for them.

            • Right on Kym! I love that you are willing to facilitate something like that!

              • The Woman in the Green Shirt

                Thanks from me too, Kym.

                I’d rather talk to my neighbours face to face, but in “these trying times” the free speech here is as good as it gets.

                I don’t agree with all of you about everything and you don’t all agree with me but at least we can still learn from each other and have some chance of being heard.

          • Strange policy that has created both restrictions on people wanting work and on people needing work done to both disadvantage.

    • More cases means closer to herd immunity.

      “A trial we conducted in Vietnam of 2-layered cotton cloth masks compared to medical masks showed a lower rate of infection in the medical mask group, and a 13 times higher risk of infection in the cloth mask arm (MacIntyre et al., 2015). The study suggests cloth masks may increase the risk of infection (MacIntyre et al., 2015), but may not be generalizable to all homemade masks. The material, design and adequacy of washing of cloth masks may have been a factor (Macintyre et al., 2020). There are no other randomised controlled trial of cloth masks published at this time, but if any protection is offered by these it would be less than even a medical mask.”

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if mask wearing has increased the rate of infection because of people touching their face repeatedly to adjust their mask?

      • Not really, as habits like touching your face have been discouraged entirely, even apps have been developed to assist people in this new area of life.

        More ironic is that people who ignored all the warnings of risks, later complaining about something they ignored being a potential risk and thinking they’re clever for explaining their new knowledge of it.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Been saying that the whole time! The virus spreads by fomite. You touch your mask once and it has become a fomite. I have wondered, considering the studies showing the virus ability to stay on surfaces for extended periods of time, if someone touches a surface that has covid on it, and then readjusts their mask, they now have covid-13 virus all over the outside of their mask. If the virus is on the outside of the mask, isn’t that person jettisoning viral particles into the air every time they exhale by blowing the viral particles on the outside of the mask back into the air? Air follows the path of least resistance, upwards of 90% of the air inhaled flows around the mask. Something to think about.

        • Yep. The cloth masks have feel good and control benefits. Must keep the fear up to keep the new control powers while making people think the gov is doing something.

          Only a bio-hazard suit with effective decontamination of you and all the goods purchased along with appropriate doffing is real protection.

          But if you are under 70 years of age you likely don’t need any of that.

      • I think you might be missing the key point about wearing a mask in this case — the cloth mask isn’t there to protect the wearer, it’s to reduce the viral droplet load in the environment around the wearer in the case that they might be spreading viral particles unwittingly.

        If you want to protect yourself then you need to use different protocols though some overlap with mask wearing.

        • I think you totally ignored what 1911 said. Seems logical.

          • Yeah, I tend to ignore pretty much everything 1911 writes. But to address their concerns, right now the current thought is that the primary mode of transmission is through larger aerosol droplets, not through individual viral particles in the air (though there is some argument about that). Transferring viral particles from a surface to the mask and then blown free from the mask is going to be a much, much smaller route than aerosols emitted directly by coughing, sneezing, yelling, etc. through an unmasked face. The bigger concern mentioned similar to the one they raised is from people constantly touching the outside of the mask and then touching their eyes or otherwise transferring the particles to themselves. If you work in healthcare there’s a specific protocol for how you are supposed to handle the mask to avoid this.

          • It’s not hard to ignore all of you. Kym, WHERE do you find these people?

            • I search at night with a flashlight and then force the worst dregs of society to comment here…Don’t you remember? (I hope your sense of humor is working.)

              • Kym, thank you for not censoring comments.

                • Even the most ridiculous troll comment drive$ traffic .

                  Consider it community service.

                  • YW…
                    Or I could believe in free speech, but like most people, you’re convinced that your words wouldn’t be censored and only people you disagree with would be.

                    I find people that insist that I’m doing something for money that I spend long hours on trying to decide whether a comment should remain or be removed when I could just be writing stories that do bring in readers and revenue to be trollling…So I would delete this comment right off.

                    • ? Like most people?

                      I WANT you to have traffic ! I’m not sure if Ive misunderstood or you have . Or what comment needs censure . Sorry if I struck a nerve, I don’t take this seriously maybe I should.

                    • Kym,

                      You can believe what you want.

                      I would say your idealism of free speech on your private party has only brought you less important conversation and discussion.

                      It’s become where the unwelcomed are welcome.

                      If that’s good for you, it’s your property.

                      You can’t hang swastikas in a restaurant you visit, but you can here.


                    • Oh, god…how dare I allow “the deplorables” a seat at the table. Only people who speak at a certain intellectual level or have approved ideas should be allowed opinions.

                    • Not trying to make it personal maam.Ma’am
                      It’s just my opinion that spreading swastikas in a anti-mask pro-trump agenda is deplorable, while being slightly less “intellectual” is not.

                      I guess I put it into categories;

                      There’s being wrong, of which we all are guilty – and purposefully misleading others.

                      But that’s me.

                      No disrespect to you, it’s just my disagreement of your position.

                      I’ll stop making my dumb point, it’s a dead horse.

        • “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.

          Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes).

          The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”



      • Let’s look at the overall conclusions drawn from the study you linked to…

        “In the community, masks appeared to be effective with and without hand hygiene, and both together are more protective. […] When used by sick patients randomised controlled trials suggested protection of well contacts. […] The study suggests that community mask use by well people could be beneficial, particularly for COVID-19, where transmission may be pre-symptomatic. The studies of masks as source control also suggest a benefit, and may be important during the COVID-19 pandemic in universal community face mask use as well as in health care settings.”

        But you seem to have entirely ignored that, and instead looked for a quote from a specific setting, protecting healthcare workers, that is not relevant to the reason for widespread mask use, protecting others.

        And you’ve (pretty sure it was you, not going to dig through the archives to check) done this exact same idiocy before, and people corrected you before too.

        • I didn’t ignore it at all. The paper was a study of studies and the studies, because of ethics, are few and far between. The study in Vietnam was the only study dealing with cloth masks in an infectious setting. Also, the use of medical masks in similar setting gave ambiguous results. Respirators seemed to be the only consistent PPE for reduction of infection.

      • There are many different studies both pro and con concerning mask use. And hand picking what people want to from these reports to back up their arguments is as old as the hills, and just as you point out, the study used to show masks are ineffective really didn’t show that at all. From what you have posted it looks like the support document doesn’t support the conclusions originally drawn but actually supports the use of masks for covid.

        Glad you did that. I’ve grown tired of going through links that deniers posts, podcasts by fellow deniers or whatever. Right now I’d bet that there are people googling masks looking for something that supports their argument and ignoring anything that doesn’t.

        • Ullr, I don’t have time to go through the whole study, but even the abstract paints a different picture than you do. They seem to be concluding that it is beneficial from stopping a pre-symptomatic person from spreading the virus, and maybe even beneficial when used for protecting the mask wearer. Thank you for this. From the report;


          The study suggests that community mask use by well people could be beneficial, particularly for COVID-19, where transmission may be pre-symptomatic. The studies of masks as source control also suggest a benefit, and may be important during the COVID-19 pandemic in universal community face mask use as well as in health care settings. Trials in healthcare workers support the use of respirators continuously during a shift. This may prevent health worker infections and deaths from COVID-19, as aerosolisation in the hospital setting has been documented.

          • As I’ve posted before, I’m not trying to convince anyone about how they should act. The government has been treating the population at large like toddlers and I think we are better off having more information for critical assessment than less. That doesn’t work for everyone but it does for me, so I share.

            • I love how you try to convince peo pl le you hold no position like a neutral guru.

              Your positions are quite clear.

              • The major schism between you and I is what I decide to do is the option best suited for me versus what you decide to do is the best option for everyone.

                I don’t pretend everyone should share my point of view.

                • You’re welcome to think that.

                  But you wouldn’t be accurate in thinking it.

                  I have stated from very early on that you are continuously trying to undercut the severity of the reality. Like Trump.

                  I have also stated that the less that people take this seriously, the longer it will drag on.

                  Thanks for your part in the problem.

            • “As I’ve posted before, I’m not trying to convince anyone about how they should act.”

              I wasn’t saying you were, just that I appreciate the report and I’m going to read the whole thing. And I agree about gov agents treating non gov people like idiots. At the same time many don’t see the seriousness that we face and that’s why I keep pressing the issue. I know I sound like a broken record but I feel I gots to do whatever I can do.

    • That’s freedom baby!

  • Pharmstheproblem

    Sorry folks this is a joke! Life goes on no matter what happens today, tomorrow or the next day. Deaths are way low compared to April but that means nothing to the fear spreaders. Most Californians are following protocol and those who are concerned can stay away pretty easy. But no everyday more doom and gloom. Life will go on no matter what y’all say period!

    • mark OF fortuna

      The planet will go on,
      not the stupids on it.

    • High spred in the low risk group. Low deaths in the high risk group.

      But let’s kill the economy to save face. Poverty kills too but who cares.

      Because COVID.

      • This looks just like the county’s graph. Higher spread, low hospitalizations & deaths.

        Looks like the at risk group is sheltering effectively. Why again are we rolling back into economy killing lockdown?

      • I think this graph has been manipulated. I tried finding the original at ourworldindata, but could not.

        Could you provide a link?

  • Nice colorful graph! Didn’t know DHHS could color between the lines.

    Where is level “0”? You know the one where government health hacks go back to the oblivion from which they emerged.

  • Israel sent the kids back to school. we can ignore what happened In Israel or learn from it . Opening schools during pandemic is a recipe for disaster .

    Of 1,400 Israelis diagnosed with COVID-19 last month, 657 (47 percent) were infected in schools. Now 2,026 students, teachers, and staff have it, and 28,147 are quarantined.

    • How many died?

    • Lockdown gains?

      That was to slow the curve and give hospitals time to prepare for future spread. Spreading amongst a low risk population (youth) is not failure it’s the natural course. Ok they’re in quarantein, so what?

      The COVID IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) is getting lower by the day. High spread, low deaths.

  • Ohio veteran, 37, who went viral for refusing to wear a mask, died of COVID-19

    Richard Rose III, an Army veteran who spent nine years in the United States Army according to his obituary, died on July 4. He was 37.

    Rose’s death gained notoriety on social media after expressing that he was “not buying a (expletive) mask” less than three months before his death.

    “I’ve made it this far by not buying into that damn hype,” he said in a post published April 28.

    Rose used the social media platform to post about going to one local bar, S&M Bar, three times in June. He also went out of town, to Put-in-Bay, in June.

    Rose tested positive on July 1, confirming his illness in a Facebook post in which he explained he would be in quarantine for 14 days. 

    Earlier that day, he posted that he had gotten a test. “I just want to feel good again!” he said.

    A day later, he updated his Facebook friends with one of his symptoms: difficulty breathing.

    • And a hundred time more people who wore masks died anyway. This story was an anecdotal lecture based on nothing. Masks don’t prevent the person wearing them from getting sick. They might slow down the spread overall maybe but that is not what stops it. Community responsibility and respect is what stops it.

      Right now masking is the straw the modern control freak is grasping in the face of refusing to acknowledge they continue to embrace division. But many, in fact most, countries who have managed to really control the spread so far have not been mask wearing cultures. The common denominator of such success is a strong border control, small monoethnic population and/or a law abiding culture with a strong sense of identity. And the hole in, even those lucky enough to have such a culture ,armor that created failure to do continue such control was when there was a subclass of foreign imported labor left out of such identity. Hello? Lived here long?

      • Community responsibility and respect is what stops it.

        And the community is safer now without this anti-mask fanatical deuchebag.

        I think the story is a cautionary tale, one of many, of absolute deniers ending up dead.

        Like the Covid party girl who thought it was all fake, until she died in the hospital saying she was wrong.

        That could be, easily this year, many a commentors here.

        • You’re right about community responsibility. But community responsibility is not shown by those who deride with extreme rhetoric those few who protest health orders in a safe and orderly way yet announce that mass protests and riots aren’t at all spreading infection. And even worse gleefully report “cautionary tails” of no relevance except an acute demostration of schadenfreude by the speaker. We need to be saved from such demonstrations of “community” as it is what is killing community before it even starts.

  • With a very slow rollout in every Country that Covid has become prominant, we have only lived with this for 7 months.

    600,000 deaths worldwide.

    And the flu?

     Flu season in the US, which runs from October through May, claims tens of thousands of lives every year.

    This season CDC estimates that, as of mid-March, between 29,000 and 59,000 have died due to influenza illnesses.

    So, no, it’s not like the flu. Like has been said from the beginning, it’s far more deadly and far more contagious.

    • No, it is not. In the times flu emerged, it was more deadly and more contagious. Just gradually coping with it became better until at this point in time it is less stressful. But it is still for at that dangerous. The same pattern is likely to happen with covid-19. It will run through the world with actually less devastation proportionally than flu did at its start, eventually may become a recurring problem with a whole system of ways to deal with it. It’s the hatefilled, panicky attempts to control it aggressive rhetoric that will result in much more collateral damage in terms of poverty, violence and social regression. That is the Pyrrhic victory you seek – which is even more ludicrous because no victory is going to happen at all.

  • I signed up for a test on July 3, soonest available was the 10th. Today is the 17th and I still don’t have results. This was redwood acres LHI. What’s the point? Total joke

  • Here’s probably the clearest set of data to compare COVID-19 to the flu. It’s a remarkably easy to follow web page.

  • Concerned in Humboldt

    This Covid 19 is much worse than any flu. It leaves holes in your lungs. When coroners have done an autopsy they have found blood clots throughout the body. This epidemic has taken the lives of many young people who thought they couldn’t get it. They average age is 48. I’m not saying they die. But ask them how miserable they were when they had it. Much worse than any flu they ever had. It doesn’t hurt for you to wear a mask when you are in a public place and to social distance . Don’t be selfish. You may be saving one of your family members.

  • I don’t understand the point of this new tool. If onset of symptoms is 48+ hours, and it takes a week to get an appointment for local testing, and another week for results if your test isn’t lost, then this level indicates where we were 16+ days ago? That’s unhelpful at best, and dangerously misleading at worst. Then add however many days it takes the county to react to new data, including internal disagreement among leadership and sucking up to business interests to arrive at an attempt at a unified approach, and we’re 3+ weeks behind?

    I doubt Rex actually received 50 phone calls on Monday from business owners demanding re-opening and no mask requirement, but apparently those calls were important enough to the powers that be to ignore that COVID-19 gives no fucks about the protections of the Redwood Curtain and our national numbers are worse than they have ever been by the day. No word from the workers employed by those business owners about their enthusiasm to expose their high-risk family members to COVID in order to keep the money coming for the people who can pay someone minimum wage to assume the infection risk on their loved ones’ behalf. Without local orders, low wage workers have no protections, and are at highest risk.

    Dr. Frankovich, it’s time to step up and exercise your legal authority. Your recent statements read like diplomatic capitulation to elected officials who don’t know anything about public health.

  • Do your own mask test…. If you try this test yourself you will know how well YOUR mask works.

    Proving Bill Nye is a fraud…

    under 2 min.


    Why Bill Nye keeps getting bashed for not being a scientist

  • 🕯🌳No such thing as heard immunity. And if you don’t care about your fellow human beings don’t wear a mask. Personally I want to enjoy the last 5 major Holidays of year and if that means wearing a mask for a couple of weeks so be it,and death rates are going up. Even though I’m not wishing for it they will catch up with Humboldt when the weather changes which is right around the corner. I think that’s what the deniers are truly afraid of. 🛐🕊

  • Nobel Laureate Calls COVID-19 Manmade

    Story at-a-glance

    Nobel Laureate Luc Antoine Montagnier said on French media that COVID-19 was manmade, contains elements of HIV and a parasite that causes malaria, and resulted from an industrial accident during HIV vaccine development
    Montagnier says the COVID-19 virus pandemic will likely end from “interfering waves” because nature rejects molecular tampering
    In a paper on Center for Open Science, Montagnier and his colleague, bio-mathematician Jean-Claude Perez, say COVID-19 mutations suggest the virus is deleting the inserted, manmade elements

    • Excellent point and link.

      I agree this virus is man-manipulated from nature. Which lab will we burn down?

      We can bring the bat-virus into the lab but, we can’t keep the people inside.

  • Death rate per capita is not going up.

  • While we argue over masks is anyone paying Attention to the Yangtze River?
    350 million people live there … equal to the population of the US.

    If the dam breaks it wipes out the Chinese food basket and floods Wuhan, including the lab. It would also take out 80% of medicines from China including antibiotics.

    “It’s just creating another major roadblock here in terms of PPE getting into the United States – it is the worst of times for it to happen but that’s what we’re dealing with right now,” said Michael Einhorn, president of Dealmed, a US medical supply distributor, which sources disposable lab coats and other products from Wuhan and nearby regions.

    “We cannot get product out for over a week, which is a very long time in our business,” he said, adding that the delays could last another two or three weeks.

    Wuhan, on the banks of the Yangtze River, on Friday issued an alert and warned residents to take precautions as water levels fast approached their maximum guaranteed safety level.

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