Arcata Offers Tips on How to Participate in ‘Plastic Free July’ During COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

City of ArcataThe City of Arcata encourages community members to participate in the worldwide initiative known as Plastic Free July. ®

When plastics and their byproducts pollute cities, oceans and waterways, it causes health problems for us all. Most plastic waste in the United States is landfilled, down-cycled, incinerated or exported to other countries, and while recycling plastic helps, it is not a solution for plastic pollution. The best way to decrease plastic pollution is to avoid the use of disposable plastic as often as possible, and Plastic Free July ® encourages households to use less plastic, adopt long-term environmentally friendly habits and make the world a cleaner place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a dramatic increase in the use of plastic, making it even more important to be mindful about how much plastic we consume, and the Environmental Services Department has some tips for community members on how to reduce the use of disposable plastics.

● Wear a reusable face covering whenever possible.

● Limit the use of plastic gloves. If you must wear gloves, try to source compostable options whenever


● Use a reusable water bottle instead of buying single-use plastic water bottles.

● Avoid single-use plastic packaging by buying in bulk.

● If reusable bags are currently not allowed in your grocery store, you can wash plastic bags provided and

reuse them.

● Ditch the plastic straws. When ordering takeout remember to request your drink without a straw, and bring

your own reusable alternative.

● Say no to plastic wrap. There are many excellent substitutes such as cloth or beeswax paper.

● Encourage family and friends to take part in the Plastic Free July ® challenge.

For more information about Plastic Free July, ® visit , and for more information on the City of Arcata’s zero waste initiatives visit, or contact the Environmental Services Department at 707-822-8184.



  • Hahaha. Everything is extra wrapped in plastix even at the coop. Plastic gloves in every gutter. Its like whackamole woth the worlds problems these days cuz we are run by sleeping [edit].

  • I’ve previously ranted and raved against the use of plastic in every aspect of the “legal” marijuana industry. It’s still on the increase.

    One could apply logic to the festering problem by not using plastic, for the sake of the rest of us. No, it’s money first and respect the world later.

  • LOL Tell the junkies’ they can’t use there plastic needles

    • I recently took a walk down Broadway, from 5th to Harris. I saw:
      1 complete syringe, capped. on top of a rock by a bus stop.
      4 disassembled syringes or collections of syringe parts.
      1 short, fat syringe.
      3 syringes that had been flattened by traffic.
      11 orange caps. Some were loose, some were probably attached to syringes, but I couldn’t see anything else in the grass/bushes.

      Looking for syringes wasn’t the goal of the walk. I was walking at a good pace, and didn’t slow down to investigate anything. That’s just what I happened to notice while walking briskly.

      So, yeah. Needle litter, in addition to the obvious safety hazards, is a non-trivial contribution to plastic litter.

      Fuck HACHR.

  • And you still cant bring your own bulk bags to fill stuff up at co ops so howbis buying bulk when they rip you a nice new plastic bag doing any good.. Nothing makes sense.. We will never “beat” a virus. I think weve made it worse by not letting nature run its course. Now most people are even more weak in the immune department than before cause were not mixing and sharing germs which is part of animal life. Were hand santizing our own health away. Wake up people… Soon you will b dependent on the govt. For everything. Is that what you want?

  • I purposely ask for a plastic straw every time I go out to eat and get a drink. Sometimes I’ll get two. When I get dirty looks from dirty hippies my day instantly gets brighter.

  • Some Random Guy on the Internet

    You hippie.

    Plastic is good for the economy!

    Plastic is the reason you are fat, it’s why breast cancer is rampant, it’s why men have no testosterone and grow breasts, (well that and cannabis), it causes hormonal disruption in many species, and, everything is sold in plastic containers!

    You couldn’t avoid plastic, in the next 100 years, if no more plastic was produced, ever, and, many many people would starve to death, without it!

    Plastic has saved us, but it’s poison for our planet!

    Just one of the many mysteries of life, solved by petroleum!

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