[UPDATE Monday] Pursuit in SoHum

Vehicle PursuitAround 10 p.m., a vehicle was pursued by law enforcement up into the Red Rock Road area of Benbow in Southern Humboldt.

According to one local resident, the pursuit then headed down to Blue Rock Road.

“We heard vehicles roosting and then all of a sudden everything is quiet now,” they said.

As of 10:34 p.m., another resident reported, “Lights and sirens going south past [B]enbow exit on the freeway.”

Community watch members are all standing by and alert for any situations where they might be needed.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE Monday: According to the CHP, this pursuit began at 10 p.m. when the vehicle was traveling 81 mph in a 65 zone. They followed the suspect for about two miles and called off the pursuit.



  • Benbow resident

    Im just saying speeding yeah dont do it. There has been so many crashes lately be safe be smart. and the sirens woke up my 2 year old. But the cops pulled guns on my neighbor. Cause they drive a white truck? Are you kidding?

    • Crashes aren’t cuased by speeding alone, and people who don’t speed cause more crashes than people who do speed.

      • So glad you cleared that up..🙄🙄🙄

      • If that is true at all, maybe it’s because the majority of people are not speeding? Maybe the few who do speed cause more death and injury despite their fewer numbers?

      • Please give us a source we can read for ourselves when you make this kind of statement, “Guest.”
        I visit friends who live on these roads from time to time and I am horrified by the general lack of regard for safety and for the long-term condition of the roads by many drivers — many of them, probably most of them, in big white trucks. Pay your road association fees, bozos, and remember that your family’s safety depends on everyone driving reasonably and contributing (if they live on the road) to maintenance.

  • What is the community watch? Are they organized, and should we organize community watch people in all our communities? Do they get training? Are they armed? How does it work?

  • You become a person of your community. If you say, I already am… then you would know of your own community watch. Most of our neighborhoods have their own communication board. If you were wondering if their is training or weapons, then you probably weren’t invited for a reason

  • How does a vehicle roost? Doesn’t that take an awfully large limb?

  • Industrial Disease

    I have never heard the description “vehicles roosting” before. Roosters crow, of course. Is this a new usage of a word with a different meaning?

    • Ernie Branscomb

      Welcome to the modern world, not much makes sense anymore.

      If they went up Red Rock Road and came back Blue Rock Road it must have been somebody very familiar with Benbow, or somebody very lucky, because it is not a well known trail connecting the two roads.

      I checked my trees this morning and there are no vehicles roosting up there…

    • A shortening of creating a rooster tail of dirt or water by spinning tires?

  • I don’t think it’s a new meaning. We have always used that term around here. Roosting is kinda a like burning out. You can roost tires, roost around corners etc lol

  • How many people missed the point of the motorsports business “Roosters”..

  • Thank you for the explanation of “roosting”. Ya learn something every day. Great, we’ll have a generation of “roosters” who can spin their tires and make noise. In the interim, Asian students will continue to study hard and get the best tech. jobs. But hey, the locals can “roost” in the parking lot on the way back from the soup line.

  • Wallll— if “roosting” is rooster-tailing, what do these ultra-cool race people call it when their chickens go to bed?

  • The term roosting comes from the trail of dirt spinning off the tire of a motorcycle which is in the form of a large rooster tail, hence, roosting. The term has been around in dirt bikes since I was little and I’m old now🤪

  • Roosting vehicle term is at least 50 years old or older. Folks who live in the country often origen terms related to farming and other country terms to other aspects of life. I was roosting motor bikes in the dirt at ten according to the surrounding adults. I’m mid 60’s now. That was in eastern New Mexico in the heart of John Chisolms Jn gle Bob Ranch.

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